The 2nd July 2021 marked a significant occasion for a number European Embassies and Cultural Institutes active in Malta, who, over the previous several months, had been working together to set up the EUNIC Malta Cluster.

The EUNIC Malta Cluster envisages to facilitate people-to-people exchanges, European cooperation, and the integration between the EC Representation and local cultural partners, building upon the national cultural policy and Arts Council Malta’s strategy. It will pool together the resources and expertise of its members, and it aims to strengthen cultural dialogue, exchanges and sustainable cooperation in order to promote cultural diversity and understanding in the Mediterranean region. Its mission is to contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals and to reflect and give value to the diversity of European cultures and common values through joint European events and projects.

Currently, the EUNIC Malta cluster comprises of the following members:

Embassy of Austria for Malta (EUNIC Malta Cluster co-President)
Italian Cultural Institute (EUNIC Malta Cluster co-President)
British Council in Malta (EUNIC Malta Cluster Vice President)
Arts Council Malta (EUNIC Malta Cluster Vice President)
Embassy of Spain in Malta
Alliance Francaise de Malte – Mediterranee
Embassy of Poland in Malta
Embassy of Hungary
French Embassy in Malta

European Film Festival at Spazju Kreattiv

The EUNIC Malta Cluster's first event consists of a film festival, in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv at St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta. The festival presents nine films whose main theme revolves around sustainability, whether social, economic or environmental.

Luzzu is the local film which was showcased at this film festival. Following the screening, the public had the opportunity to interact with film director Alex Camilleri through a live Q&A session.

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