The programme is developed to invest in the training and development of young artists by increasing opportunities to continue building their skill sets as young creatives

The programme is designed to provide the necessary incentives to Young Artists to support their participation in creative endeavours. It also aims at creating new opportunities for creative activities. The programme is open to young people aged between 14-17 years.

The Young Artist Development Programme aims to:

  • Support the continuous professional development of artists in exploring, developing skills and building new networks
  • Foster excellence in the fields of art and culture, and the advancement of knowledge and capabilities in such related fields
  • Facilitate access of young artists to more training opportunities and creative development
  • Encourage young creatives to continue building their skills
  • Introduce the concept of social responsibility through arts and creativity
  • Investing in transformation through knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and creative exchange.

For more detailed information about the programme, refer to the guidelines here.

Application forms available here.