The KREATTIV funding programme engages educators and creative practitioners in dialogue and collaboration while encouraging students and educators towards further engagement within the creative sector. KREATTIV aims to bring creative practitioners into schools to work with teachers and students to inspire, learn and create in a collaborative and innovative way.

The aims of the fund are to :

  • Initiate creative projects in classrooms, schools and colleges through collaborations between teachers, students and creative practitioners and, in so doing, to facilitate creative education as a key tool for holistic development.
  • Introduce children and young people to potential careers in the cultural and creative sector, through selected collaborations with higher educational institutions.
  • Embed cultural and creative entrepreneurship in schools as expressed in the National Cultural Policy.
  • Encourage collaboration between educational institutions, the culture and creative industries, and other relevant sectors such as science and technology.
  • Create employment opportunities for creative professionals.
  • Encourage creative collaborations amongst educational institutions, and partnerships with public and private cultural operators.

Who can apply?

All proposals are to be submitted by a School or College as applicant and project coordinator and require the input of the applicant and the creative practitioners. 

Selection criteria

  • Creativity and Innovation (25 marks);
  • Impact of Project on Students and the School (25 marks);
  • Networks and Collaborations (25 marks);
  • Management (25 marks).

After you apply

Each project may be allocated a maximum of EUR 5,000. The amount requested may be up to 100% of the total expenditure of the project.

This fund is competitive and will be evaluated according to established criteria.

Proposals will first be screened in terms of eligibility. Proposals which are not eligible in terms of the procedure stipulated by these guidelines will not be processed further and will not undergo evaluation.

After you submit your application form at Arts Council Malta, an independent evaluation board will evaluate your project. On the day indicated, you will receive your result notification from Arts Council Malta.