The Restoration Funding Scheme aims at providing financial support for the repair i.e restoration, and conservation of internal and external cultural property immovables including but not limited to altars, apertures, architectural décor, gilding and frescoes of churches falling under the confines of a Parish Church under the Archdiocese of Malta and the Diocese of Gozo.

The immoveable cultural property needs to fall under the definition of cultural heritage and needs to have existed for 50 years or more as per the Cultural Heritage Act of Malta.

Who can apply?

The applicant should be the legal representative of the organisation. Please make sure that you provide the Voluntary Organisation number of your organisation, and that you identify the person/group of people leading the project, as applicable. The Voluntary Organisation must be based in Malta or Gozo and operating in the Maltese islands.

Applicants must qualify as one of the following: 

• Cultural organisations, in localities around Malta and Gozo, enrolled as Voluntary Organisations – including, but not limited to, band clubs, associations, and foundations

• Enrolled Voluntary Organisations promoting and preserving cultural heritage (whether tangible or intangible) in a locality or region in Malta and Gozo. 


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The deadline to apply is Wednesday 16th November at noon. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Application deadline: 7th December 2021

Ranking Order

Applicant: Għaqda Dilettanti Knisja ta' Lapsi, San Ġiljan

Reference number: RFS03-21-908

Project Title: Restoration and Conservation Treatment of the Titular Painting depicting St. Julian attributed to Antonio Catalano (1596)

Amount awarded: €14,879

This project consists in the care of the artistic value of the work of art and of its constituent materials. This brings about the necessity of a scientific and methodological approach for the proper conservation and restoration of this work of art. The intervention will commence with photographic documentation and further non-invasive analysis using diffused light, raking light, ultraviolet fluorescence (UVF) and Near-Infrared (IR). Preliminary examinations will determine whether there is the need to carry out further scientific investigations aimed at understanding better the manufacturing technique, past restoration interventions and deterioration phenomena. Following the photographic documentation and scientific investigations, the painting will be unmounted from the decorative frame and first-aid treatments, including local consolidation, will be carried out to stabilise flaking and unstable areas of the paint and preparatory layers, before further treatments are undertaken.

 Soċjetà Filarmonika Santa Marija

Reference number: RFS19-21-944

Project Title: It-Titular - Restore, Conserve and Revive!

Amount awarded: €14,860

This project will include an information session for the community in order to instil a sense of communitarian belonging and pride. The titular painting depicts the Holy Trinity crowning the head of the Blessed Virgin, and it was painted by Suor Maria di Domenics in the 1730s. Its size is around 3 metres by 2 metres and is centrally and immovably installed atthe centre ofthe presbytery. According to Gozitan historian Gian Piet Agius de Soldanis,the painting was executed by Suor Maria di Domenics. The final product will be inaugurated and a commemorative plaque will be installed for the occasion.

 Soċjetà San Pawl Banda Konti Ruġġieru

Reference number: RFS17-21-937

Project Title: Mattia Preti

Amount awarded: €9,500

The project includes investigations under UV Light and documentation prior to treatments, canvas support, superficial cleaning, varnish cleaning, over-paintings removal, in-filling of paint lacunae and levelling down of stucco, re-integration and re-varnishing. Finally, the beneficiaries will draw up a conservation report and organise a public presentation.


Applicant: Assoċjazzjoni Patrimonju Tarxien

Reference number: RFS09-21-927

Project Title: Restoration and Conservation of oil on canvas painting dedicated to the our Lady of Mount Carmel

Amount awarded: €14,500

The parish church of Tarxien is decorated with a number of artistic paintings. Following a professional assessment of the conservation state of each painting, it transpired that the one dedicated to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel has the worst state of conservation. As a result, formal assessments were then obtained from licensed restorers unveiling details of the damages in place and the estimated costs underlying the restoration project. The ultimate scope of this project is to restore to the original state this 18 th century painting decorating one of the main chapels at the Tarxien Parish Church.

 Konfraternità tal-B.V.M. tal-Karità

Reference number: RFS15-21-934

Project Title: Conservation project for two altar paintings for the Collegiate Church of St. Paul Shipwreck, Valletta

Amount awarded: €14,500

This project will focus on the restoration of the altar painting of Our Lady of Charity and the altar painting of the Agony of St. Joseph, both under the care and responsibility of the Venerable Confraternity of Our Lady of Charity. Through this project, the beneficiaries intend to appoint PrevArti to conduct a proper conservation and restoration of the paintings that will result in the reinstation of the original colour and composition of Palombi's work. The long-term aim is to have the aesthetics and condition of the paintings preserved for generations to come.

 Association of St. Mary of Jesus, Rabat

Reference number: RFS05-21-910

Project Title: Restoration of St. Mary of Jesus Statue

Amount awarded: €8,456

This project consists in the restoration of the missing fingers on the Madonna and Child’s hands on the Antonello Gagini 1504 sculpture, as well as filling in some missing sections on the Madonna’s drapery folds. The sculpture was at an unknown point in its 517 year history, dropped and has suffered from the decapitation of the Madonna’s head and other losses. The sculpture was conserved and cleaned as part of a project funded by the LEADER programme (funds distributed by GAL Majjistral). The final phase of the project will see the sculpture brought back to its original state with the completion of the missing sections which necessitate the restoration of missing fingers based on research and studies of other sculptures by the artist.

  Fondazzjoni Soċjo-Kulturali Ambjentali

Reference number: RFS11-21-930

Project Title: Restoration of the 18h century Recessed Altar at St. Augustine's

Amount awarded: €13,305

The proposed restoration is directed to the centralised Chapel of Our Lady with a recessed frescoed altar. The frescoes decorate the arch, vault and walls. The decoration is an enhancement of the architectural motifs and grammar with bases, capitals and pilasters, heavy cornices and cartouch designs. The whole is a trompe l’oeil, includes effects of sotto in su and enhances the architectural elements. The characteristic marbelling effect is applied on most areas in a “verde antico” and ochre surface. The system may be a late Mannerist (17 th -18 th century) intervention. Until 2018, the recessed altar was blocked off and discovered through restoration works on the then Music Archive. The recessed altar is a contrast to the more classical centralised chapel with simple leathery ribs over the ceiling. This may have been a private chapel for cloistered brothers with a view onto the Church transept to follow services internally.

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