The Arts Education Scheme is one of Arts Council’s Malta tools to sustain and support the recovery of the cultural and creative ecology, with a focus on arts education.

The Scheme forms part of the Council’s commitment to engage educators and creative practitioners in dialogue and collaboration, with the aim to encourage students and educators towards further engagement within the creative and cultural sectors.

The scheme is also in line with Arts Council Malta’s objective of advocating for a broader inclusion of creativity and the arts in education strengthening further 21st century education and skills.

The scheme encourages collaborations between an educational institution and a creative practitioner for each project. The objectives of the scheme are:

• To bring creative practitioners into schools and education institutions to work with educators and students to inspire, learn and create in a collaborative and innovative way
• To support joint projects designed and implemented collaboratively and simultaneously between educational institutions and creative practitioners
• To support projects which complement the curriculum for early years up to secondary education and strive to add value to the learning experience and to the institutions’ environments
• To champion innovation and collaboration across fields and encourage students to push the boundaries of creative arts within post-secondary and tertiary institutions
• To encourage collaboration between educational institutions, the culture and creative industries, and other relevant sectors such as science and technology.

Who can apply?

The Grant is open to educational institutions or college offering formal education from Early Years Cycle to Tertiary Education. 


The deadline to apply is Friday 6 May 2022 at noon. Late application cannot be accepted.


Click here to download guidelines and click here to download application form template. 

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

Apply here

ACM will be holding matchmaking workshops on the 7th and 8th April at Esplora Interactive Science Centre focusing on the development of creative interdisciplinary projects through the perspectives of artists, educators, and scientists.
If you are interested to attend and discuss with potential collaborators on behalf of an educational institution register on and if you are attending as a creative practitioner or on behalf of a cultural organisation register on Deadline to register is Monday 4th April at noon.