What is the Theatre Spaces Funding Scheme?

Following the identification of seventy-two theatres in Malta in a national survey, Spazji Teatrali – A Catalogue of Theatres in Malta and Gozo was launched. The study aimed at evaluating the state of theatre buildings in Malta and Gozo and outlined the features of the theatres listed as well as the potential use of these spaces for anyone interested in performing there.

What are the objectives of this fund?

This fund is designed to ensure that there is a legacy to the survey mentioned above. The objectives of the grant are:

  • To offer the financial means to make improvements in the selected spaces, leading to the spaces becoming both functional and more professional
  • To encourage decentralization in the use of theatre spaces in the Maltese Islands by diversifying areas, audiences and opportunities
  • To accommodate individual performers and performing arts practitioners including companies with rehearsal, workshop and performing spaces
  • To maximize on the opportunity for the sustainability of artistic work

What will this fund support?

  • The fund can cover up to 80% of the eligible costs up to a maximum of €20,000 per project. The project needs to take place within 12 months from the final result notification date.
  • Applicants need to make sure that the idea proposed contributes towards securing a vision for the space. This will be discussed and further elaborated upon during discussions with Arts Council Malta/Teatru Malta.
  • Eligible costs for this fund include any improvement and/or refurbishment expenses aimed at developing the space to become more in line with current professional standards. Examples of projects which this scheme may support include studio plastering, stage flooring, purchase of curtains and technical equipment, works facilitating access, health and safety, soundproofing and acoustic improvement among, others.
  • The scheme cannot support core structural works (such as actual building and any component or part of an assembly, which provides any necessary supporting structure to the whole or any part of the building) and also cannot support the actual implementation of projects as part of the theatre’s artistic programme.


Please click here to download the official guidelines.