Our vision

Placing the arts and creativity at the heart of Malta's future.


Our mission for the next five years

We invest in the cultural and creative sectors to achieve higher levels of excellence and develop Malta’s creative ecology.


Guiding principles

Our plans and actions to deliver our vision and implement our mission are guided by 10
principles which aim to:

1. Champion the professionalisation of the sector and the vital role of the arts and creativity within society.
2. Value the diverse range of creative expression and invest in relevant, innovative and enjoyable creative experiences.
3. Embrace excellence as a principle that drives our work.
4. Support the development of knowledge, skills and competences that enable people to engage in creative life for their enhanced well-being.
5. Ensure that individuals transforming their talent into a profession can reach their full potential.
6. Support the sector through the creation of a single service point which also provides consultation and information services.
7. Foster synergies with other sectors and invest in the creative economy for better jobs and sustainable growth.
8. Develop Malta’s international cultural profile through collaborations, partnerships and networks.
9. Inform our decisions and develop our strategies through research, evaluation and debate.
10. Cultivate a relationship with Public Cultural Organisations and other stakeholders that will guide our strategies, with the ultimate goal of building a stronger creative ecology.