The creation and development of strategies for the sector falls under the Strategy Directorate.

The Directorate is built on five strategic focal points which include internationalisation and business development but also research, education and training and diversity and communities. These points also run through the council’s national strategy for the cultural and creative sectors for the years 2016-2020, which was launched last year.

The directorate also focuses on the management and development of the funding portfolio, which currently includes nine national funding programmes amounting to around 1.5 million euro. A brokerage team also assists operators in the cultural and creative sectors to maximize their potential.

The Team


The Funding and Brokerage Team


Elaine Falzon - Head of Funds and Brokerage
Elaine acts as a general coordinator for the funding and investment portfolio of Arts Council Malta and coordinates the team of Creative Brokers and Fund Administrators. She oversees the comprehensive yearly planner for all funding programmes and facilitates participation in funding programmes and initiatives.

Annalise Buttigieg and Rachel Vella
Senior Fund Administrator and Fund Administrator
The Administration team liaises between the artists and cultural stakeholders in the administering of funds within the Council's portfolio. They are responsible for coordinating the evaluation process. From the processing of applications to the issuing of contracts, the team is present from start to finish during the funding process.

Christabel Catania and Joseph Lia - Creative Brokers
Christabel and Joseph are the creative brokers who liaise between the Council and the creative practitioners. They are the first point of contact, answering queries, organising information sessions and acting as a broker between the sector and the public cultural organisations.

The Associates


Adrian Debattista - Research Associate
Adrian’s role involves developing and managing the council’s research programme through qualitative and quantitative research while gathering statistics and data mining, analysing cultural practices and monitoring trends effecting or resulting from cultural participation, production and consumption. He is also responsible for ensuring quality control of research by setting up appropriate monitoring and evaluation systems. The aim is to produce a knowledge base from which effective policy recommendations can be made, while aiding cultural operators through more informed decision-making.


Romina Delia - Internationalisation Associate
Romina's role is to facilitate the international development of the cultural and creative sectors to sustain both the sector's growth as well as its contribution to Malta's international relations. She is highly passionate about cultural exchanges, international collaborations and the promotion of unity in diversity through intercultural dialogue.

Christopher Spiteri – EU Projects Associate
Chris's role is that of developing a portofolio of EU-funded projects by identifying suitable EU funding opportunities, preparing grant proposals and maintaining an active international network of cultural organisations and institutions to establish potential project partners. Chris has extensive experience working on EU projects within the public and private sector, successfully managing several EU-funded projects and acquiring considerable knowledge on various EU funding programmes.  

Frances Catherine Farrugia – Business Development Associate
A collaboration between Arts Council Malta and Malta Enterprise, Francesca's role is aimed at further developing an incentive regime tailor-made towards the needs of the creative and cultural sectors. The main objective is to create an environment that can nurture and guide sustainable creative professionals. Francesca is also Fund Manager for the Digital Games Fund, a fund aimed at assisting budding digital game developers, and INVEX, a seed fund targeted towards funding creative ideas that can be transformed into a sustainable economic activity. In addition she acts as liaison with Malta Enterprise for any creative businesses interested in making use of the portfolio of incentives administered by Malta Enterprise.


Simone Inguanez - Diversity and Communities Associate
Simone Inguanez helps enhance access and participation in culture. At Arts Council Malta, diversity is a strength – in terms of origin, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age. Priorities include development of skills, infrastructure, resources and initiatives in response to community needs and aspirations. Inguanez is also fund manager for Creative Communities, a community-led funding programme for creative and artistic activities.


Luke Dalli - Legal Officer
One of the main aspects of Luke Dalli’s role is to support the cultural and creative sectors from a legal perspective. Dalli provides expert advice on national and European legislation that directly impacts the cultural and creative sectors, such as issues relating to intellectual property. Dalli’s role is also to devise legal instruments as part of the services that Arts Council Malta will provide in the future.


Sandra Borg - Communication Executive
From organising press conferences to media campaigns, Sandra Borg coordinates the council’s media appearances and ensures the cultural agenda remains present in the media and is actively debated. By pitching ideas and stories to the media, she relates the council’s stories with the ultimate aim of informing artists and the general public of the work that goes on behind the council’s walls.