Published on Friday 24 November 2017

In the period between January and June 2017, an estimated 8,700 students benefitted from the Culture Pass programme

The Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici launched the Culture Pass for the year 2018 together with Arts Council Malta at St Benedict’s College in Ħal Kirkop.

Minister Bonnici said that this Government is clearly working to invest in the cultural sector of our country. “We want our children, and our grandchildren to love art and creativity. And so, we launched the Culture Pass last year, where students that attend secondary and middle schools can benefit from this feast of creativity.”

As part of its strategy Create2020, Arts Council Malta sees accessibility to art as extremely important. This programme, offered by the Government and ACM, is giving children the right to experience at least one cultural activity a year through their school and in this way, students can participate actively in arts and culture.

The launch comprised also of a play called Everything you need to Know about Science by More or Less Theatre, a taste of what the Culture Pass has to offer. The Culture Pass is a programme aimed at secondary school students and is replacing the Culture Card. This programme gives the opportunity to every secondary school student to experience a minimum of one artistic production a year, produced by creative professionals and presented through a curated programme.

This new programme is designed to provide students in all years of secondary school with professional cultural and artistic experiences of the highest quality, complement the learning outcomes of the National Curriculum Framework and add value to arts education and other curricular subjects and encourage creative practitioners to create and develop new work for young audiences and increase the programming capacity over longer periods with the purpose of connecting artistic and non-artistic disciplines to the students’ curriculum.

The programme’s artistic genres are dance, theatre, music, visual art, film, literature and heritage. This year all secondary schools can choose from a range of 25 artistic events and they are required to select suitable events for their students from within the programme to ensure a dynamic calendar of cultural activities related to their education that instils an appreciation towards culture and the arts.

In the period between January and June 2017, an estimated 8,700 students benefitted from the Culture Pass programme.

Press release issued by the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government

Download the Culture Pass programme for 2017-2018 or visit the Culture Pass section on our website.

Image shows Pandora's Box by Moveo at Toi Toi, Teatru Manoel Education Programme, which forms part of the Culture Pass programme