Published on Friday 16 December 2016

The Karl Vella Foundation provides educational and psychological support to children in families where a parents or a sibling is dealing with an illness

Although children are very resilient and tend to cope with change very well, the changes in their family circumstances often leave a negative impact on their educational performance and may sometimes also manifest themselves in the shape of physicological issues. The Karl Vella Foundation seeks to address these issues and has set up a Centre where children spend their time after school, in the company of volunteers.

The pool of Karl Vella foundation's vulunteers is made up of professional teachers and Heads of Schools, LSAs, psychology professionals and members from other professions who are all contributing their time and effort into making the children's experience of their family trauma as positive as possible. 

In orden to promote their mission to provide support to children, the Karl Vella Foundation has partnered with Alka Ceramics who have experience as artistic partners in various projects with beneficiaries of different abilities. Alka Ceramics has been established since 1980 by ceramic graduate Paul Haber. 

The project consists of 50 ceramic sessions spread over a year, for children aged between 5 and 17 who are coping with terminal illness within the family which affects them socially and psychologically. 


This project will help children who are going to through a sense of loss and bewilderment in their lives to experience the pleasure derived from the handling of clay and producing their unique artistic designs under the supervision of a psychotherapist. It will inspire these children to enjoy the pride that comes with accomplishment and the joy of the children and develop their knowledge, skills and competences.

This project is supported by the President’s Award for Creativity.