Published on Thursday 24 March 2016

Following the launch of Strategy2020, Arts Council Malta has launched a call for proposals for the Cultural Partnership Agreement (CPA).

The CPA will be Arts Council Malta’s (ACM) source of regular funding for organisations from January 2017 till January 2019, replacing the former Organisation Support Grant.

Organisations are invited to address two areas of development:


  • National festivals and regular artistic events in Malta and Gozo, having an international dimension;


  • Organisations active in the cultural and creative sectors with regular artistic programmes addressing any of the following areas:
  • Venues and spaces managed by the organisation that foster clustering and collaborations including artist-in-residency programmes;
  • Specialised creative work with any of the communities identified in the strategy (children, youth, the elderly, ‘hard-to-reach’ groups, people with different abilities, people from different ethnic backgrounds).

The applicant needs to be a registered Voluntary Organisation with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations or a registered cooperative in which at least one key contributor is engaged as full-time equivalent in the cultural and creative sector. 

Selection criteria include the relevance of the artistic programme proposed and aims of the strategy; the organisation’s strategic plan; the organisation’s track record and the clarity of presentation and application.

In the case of successful applicants for the festivals and regular artistic events strand, the yearly grant will cover up to 80% of the total costs or up to a maximum of EUR 50,000 (whichever is lower). In the case of organisations, this fund may cover up to 80% of the total costs up to a maximum of EUR 20,000 (whichever is lower).

The selected organisations will help ACM to deliver the strategy, with the aim of placing the arts and creativity at the heart of Malta’s future.

The three-year partnership will provide stable support for organisations to plan ahead, grow, develop and deliver ACM’s strategic goals.

Application forms and all relevant supporting documents are to be submitted by not later than the 28th April 2016 (noon). Late applications will not be accepted.

Any request for clarifications are to be sent by email on Interested candidates may ask for a one-to-one brokerage session with a member from the Funding & Brokerage team to clarify further issues. All sessions will be minuted and clarifications will be regularly published on the Arts Council Malta website Requests for clarification may be sent till the 21st April 2016.

Click here for full info and guidelines.