Published on Tuesday 20 October 2020

The yearly analysis of the national budget conducted by Arts Council Malta reveals an overall increase of 5.4 per cent for culture, with a total budget of €95.2 million for cultural heritage, the arts, media and creative sectors for 2021.

The 2021 culture budget is estimated to be at 1.6 per cent of total government expenditure, consistent with the trend in recent years. Per capita public investment in culture for 2020 is expected to reach €185 – in line with that of 2020.   

A total of €31.7 million will be invested towards ACM's funding programmes, initiatives and Public Cultural Organisations - a 13% increase over budget 2020. This includes the public funding portfolio awarded by Arts Council Malta which registered €3.4 million – an increase of 41% over that budgeted for 2020. Investment in Public cultural organisations falling under ACM's remit also increased by 12% over 2020 with an allocation of €24.2 million.

The budget also announced an allocation of €1 million that will be dedicated to a new Culture Assistance Fund as a response to the impact of the pandemic on the cultural and creative sectors as well as €2 million to be invested in a concert hall. A commitment was also made towards the investment in a national symposium for culture and creativity in 2021. The Covid Wage Supplement will be extended and revised to reflect the current needs of the sectors.