Published on Wednesday 16 October 2019

The yearly analysis of the national budget conducted by Arts Council Malta reveals an overall increase of 2.7 per cent for culture, with a total budget of €85.8 million for cultural heritage, the arts, media and creative sectors.

The 2020 culture budget is estimated to be at 1.6 per cent of total government expenditure, consistent with the trend in recent years.

Per capita public investment in culture for 2020 is expected to reach €174 – in line with that of 2019. The public funding portfolio awarded by Arts Council Malta to artists and organisations registered €2.4 million as in 2019 – surpassing €2 million for the third consecutive year.

The largest sectoral increase over 2019 is of €2.8 million - attributed to the arts. Government investment in this sector is estimated to amount to €23.7m in 2020. This includes new initiatives such as an allocation of €70,000 for Malta’s participation at the London Design Festival and €160,000 for the promotion of Maltese classical music.

The allocation for Public Cultural Organisations (PCOs) amounted to €20.1 million – a slight decrease of €2.6 million since 2019 largely attributed to the completion of the Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture. This also includes a substantial investment of €4.1 million allocated to the newly established Festivals Malta.

Photo credit: ŻfinMalta by Matteo Carratoni