*etnika (Touring Band)

In July 2015 *etnika (Touring Band) travelled to Rome to perform in the Gardens of the Roman Philharmonic Academy as part of the “Giardini di Luglio 2015” Festival. The performance included the use of traditional Maltese instruments such as the tambour, the biambo (Jew's harp), the Maltese flute “fifer", as well as Flamenco footwork and body percussion. The repertoire consisted of a number of rearranged transition Maltese tunes and a few of *etnika’s original compositions, including Morning Star, Insiġ il-Ħolm, Valletta, X'Ser Ngħannu, Popolin, Bumm Bumm, Orqod Orqod, Rummiena, Żahar, Ħsus, Ara Ġejja and Festa Ta’ Babu. The performance formed part of the group’s new tour, which aims to expand its international network and take its music to new audiences.