Create2020 and beyond
Director of Funding and Strategy, Arts Council Malta, Mary Ann Cauchi, glances at the Create2020 Strategy and what’s in store to continue achieving high levels of excellence and develop Malta’s creative sector.
Wednesday 22 January 2020
Continuity for Culture
Toni Attard reflects on his experience with ACM as he embarks on a new venture within the independent cultural sector
Friday 1 December 2017
Moving on!
The launch of an online application system; two new major funding programmes and a packed brokerage schedule. Elaine Falzon, Head of Funds & Brokerage, looks ahead at the year 2017
Tuesday 20 December 2016
Cultural leadership - Make it happen. Make it matter
A few days before the start of the 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture, Arts Council Malta director of strategy Toni Attard discusses the notion of cultural leadership
Wednesday 12 October 2016
Creative Brokerage: one year on
In 2016 our two Creative Brokers have already addressed an average of 335 queries relating to Arts Council Malta’s funding programmes or to the cultural and creative sectors. A year after the setting up of the Brokerage Team, Head of Funding & Brokerage Elaine Falzon reports
Friday 2 September 2016
Excuses not to
Head of Funds & Brokerage Elaine Falzon on how 'let’s do this’ often replaces ‘let’s think about it' - and how strategising can make all the difference
Tuesday 23 February 2016
Choosing the Choosers
Arts Council Malta has launched an ongoing open call which will create a pool of evaluators for the next three years until 31st December 2018
Tuesday 2 February 2016
Prepping for the ‘prep year’
Arts Council Malta's director of strategy Toni Attard on how 2016 is a ‘prep year’ for a number of cultural projects
Monday 4 January 2016