In the next five years we will intervene through cultural actions that facilitate cooperation, encourage dialogue, celebrate diversity and promote exchange. Given the constant evolution of the cultural and creative sectors, we also understand that there is the need to develop the skills of creative professionals to engage internationally.

With priority to be given to our own region, we would like to witness increased activity by artists from Malta in Euro-Mediterranean cultural cooperation and exchange. We would also like to position Malta’s international cultural profile on global platforms that extend beyond Europe.

Multicultural living and intercultural understanding have become key policy challenges and also day-to-day issues for the Maltese citizen. We strongly believe that festivals and artist residencies programmes are important platforms for this dialogue. As part of our responsibility to ensure strategic led deliverables inspired by cultural policy objectives we will support public cultural organisations and publicly funded festivals to actively contribute to a vision that aspires to develop a nation of festivals in conversation with the world.

In a fast-changing international environment, we plan to:

• Contribute to more effective cultural relations by investing in long term transnational cultural cooperation and networks;
• Export Maltese excellence in the arts across the globe to access wider audiences and markets;
• Encourage action on contemporary global issues through artistic expression, interdisciplinary collaborations and cultural exchanges;
• Create and foster bridges focused on building international connections, alliances and partnerships in the cultural and creative sectors.