For the past three years, the Maltese Embassy in Warsaw in collaboration with Arts Council Malta, through the EUNIC Warsaw Cluster, has been participating in ‘Poems in the City’.
The objective of the “Poems in the City” project is to enable poetry originating from several European countries to be given international exposure in the streets of Warsaw.  To this end, EUNIC collaborates with local authorities in Warsaw to have posters of poems in their original language, of over twenty European poets,  to be displayed on bus-stops, cafes, clubs, book shops and libraries and in prominent squares all over Warsaw.


In the 2021 edition of "Poems in the city" poet Nadia Mifsud represents Malta with her work, which goes by the title 'qtar' (meaning 'drops'):

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In 2020, the theme was 'Nature', and poems from all EU member states were  displayed on social media in the original language accompanied by a translation to Polish. Malta was represented by Antoine Cassar, a Maltese Poet whose work "Passport" has been published in twelve languages and adapted for theatre. In addition, his book-length poem 'Forty Days' - was shortlisted for the European Poet of Freedom. At 'Poems in the City' he presented '8 ħajki bla fruntieri' translated by Zuzanna Gawron.

Throughout the month of April 2019, Maltese poet Glen Calleja, participated with his poem ‘Totalita’. During a final performance night which took place on Monday 8th April, Maltese poet Glen Calleja recited three of his poems in Maltese from his collection “Outstanding Truth,” which in many ways, are an attempt at documenting direct experiences of cancer in poetic form.
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