Internationalisation brings about different cultural experiences, new audiences and increased cultural co-operation. It also sustains the growth of cultural and creative entrepreneurs. In addition, there are also spill-over effects in other sectors, including nation branding, development, tourism and trade.

We are committed towards facilitating the international development of the cultural and creative sectors to sustain both the sectors’ growth as well as their contribution to Malta’s international relations. We have also contributed to the European Commission’s Work Plan for Culture (2015-2018) whereby Member States were invited to collaborate on priorities, including the promotion of cultural diversity, culture in EU external relations and mobility.

As a national agency, we also form part of a wider international community and contribute to conversations with a view to develop globally reaching actions. In recent years, many cultural policy makers, cultural leaders and artists have convened in Malta to debate culture, inspire change and lead actions. The World Summit on Arts and Culture in 2016, the culture agenda of the Maltese Presidency of the European Council in 2017 and conferences held on the occasion of Valletta as a European Capital of Culture in 2018 share a common thread. Our geo-political space can present the international cultural community with a unique context for conversations on the future of culture. We plan to continue with this work together with public cultural organisations, higher education institutions and civil society.

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