Following the publication of the Cultural Participation Survey 2016 report, Arts Council Malta commissioned and published a collection of essays from a range of critical perspectives drawing upon the data entitled Perspectives on Cultural Participation in Malta.

The publication is comprised of nine chapters from ten authors from a range of disciplines who present, question and unpack findings from the survey, the related policy discourse and the potential impact on the cultural sector within the wider social context. Themes discussed include audience development, motives and barriers to participation, digital cultural participation, cultural taste, accessibility and inclusion in cultural activities as well as volunteering in the cultural sector, among others. Through this publication we hope to spark stimulating discussions, inspire further research and inform policymaking all the while contributing towards a knowledge base useful to cultural operators. While the survey is an invaluable source for data notwithstanding its inevitable limitations, these essays complement it by presenting narratives from diverse viewpoints that are poised to expand and produce new ones in the near future.

Download the publication here.