Past research on cultural participation in Malta, both on a national and EU level, has continuously pointed towards the need for cultural organisations to expand audience development measures. In view of this and of the dynamic nature of Malta’s cultural and creative sector, there is the need for an updated account addressing the qualitative and quantitative aspects of cultural participation.

This research will also be combined with studies on cultural tourism in line  with Valletta 2018’s research objectives, thus providing a more complete  picture of cultural participation, given the tourism sector’s undeniably significant effect on it. Furthermore, given the ever-growing role of digital technology in the way people participate in culture as part of the live experience, research on this aspect of this theme will be conducted in collaboration with experts in the field. This is especially of significance in the light of the EU’s Work Plan for Culture 2015-2018, which considers the impact of the ‘digital shift’ as an underlying element throughout its priority areas.

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