The programme is designed to provide emerging creatives in the community with an opportunity to access and learn from a nourishing pool of talent and a rich network of peers.

 Artivisti aims at:

  • Identifying and giving recognition to foremost young talent
  • Nourishing potential, creativity, talent, initiative and social responsibility
  • Investing in nurturing and transformation through knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and creative exchange
  • Acting as a platform for young promising talent
  • Providing accessibility and opportunity for participation in a wide range of quality art experiences
  • Incentivising the contribution of arts practitioners and organisations towards development of promising talent and facilitation of collaborative arts projects


Artivisti makes part of a diverse portfolio of schemes and initiatives to maximise the potential of Malta’s creative growth by investing in excellence in Malta’s cultural and creative sectors, encouraging further employment opportunities in the sectors, facilitating cultural exchange, as well as promoting inclusivity and active cultural participation.

For more detailed information about the programme, refer to the guidelines here.

Application forms available here.


Here are the 10 Artivisti for 2018:

  • Keit Bonnici, 25, Visual Art (design)

Keit Bonnici recently graduated with a BA in Design, with 1st Class Honours, from Goldsmiths University of London. The artist’s background includes studies in Design/(thinking), Art and Engineering. He has also received formation in circus arts and movement.

My aim is to carve out my own creative interdisciplinary practice; and become a freelance designer working with the space between art and design.


  • Luke Camilleri, 19, DJ Funky Monkey – Music (DJ/Producer/Beatboxer)

Luke Camilleri started off playing the althorn and piano. At age 14, he got interested in electronic music and his focus shifted onto DJing. He also produces his own music. In 2015, Luke launched his first single Back In Town, which features in his upcoming debut album The Beginning (14 tracks), to be released on 14 July 2018. Records. Another single from the album, was released in September 2017, along with its music video. His latest single, with Russian born artist Abel Nesian, is titled Robustus.

“Within the next three years, I would like to experiment more with the art of DJing as well as collaborating with more artists to find my sound, resulting into more creative and professional mastered productions.


  • Joanna Portelli, 24, Fine Arts

Joanna Portelli completed her degree in Fine Arts, 1st class qualification, at the Institute for the Creative Arts in 2017. Her diverse work encompasses painting, photography, sculpture, video and multimedia installation.

To strengthen and develop artistic skills, included but not limited to fine art painting, to become more knowledgeable about the local scene and its exhibitions, and to participate in such an exhibition within the next year or so...


  • Diane Cutajar, 18, Literature / Writing

Diane Cutajar is a first year Maltese and Psychology student at the University of Malta. Besides furthering her studies in Maltese Language and Literature, she is focusing on the human element. Joanna participated in Taħżiż 4 creative writing programme, with the opportunity of peer discussion and creating in a team.

Throughout the coming years, I would not only like to succeed in my academic studies, but explore new genres and techniques in creative writing, not only to share my work with an audience, but to find myself as a writer and express my thoughts and ideas in the best way possible...


  • Michel Angelo Muscat, 16, Voice (Tenor)

In 2011, Angelo Muscat started out with the young section of the Chorus Urbanus. The following year, he was asked to join the Tenor Section, and he soloed in the Christmas concert. In 2014, Angelo started taking professional vocal lessons under the tuition of Juliette Bisazza. In 2016, he soloed with the MPO, under the direction of Mro Dr John Galea. This summer, Angelo performed in feasts around Gozo.

I’d like to further my studies in vocal and music as well as doing my exams in voice and studying acting and theatre. I would like to take opera as my professional career path in the future.”


  • Matteo Depares, 23, Music Production

Matteo Depares studied for an MA in Songwriting and Production at the University of South Wales. He now works as a freelance music producer through his brand Matteo Makes Music. Throughout this last year, he has worked on a number of projects for local upcoming talent and for main Maltese music festivals including L-Għanja tal-Poplu. He has also worked on a number of projects within the local community, including a project for the Salesians of Don Bosco in Sliema and for the University’s student council (KSU). Most of his days are spent at Wicked and Loud studios, where he works as an assistant to the established local composer and producer, Elton Zarb.

“Within the next three years, I aspire to be one of the leading influencers within the Maltese music scene. I would like to collaborate with the island’s top musicians and artists to create works that resonate with local listeners and have already started working towards this, by actively producing work with up-and-coming artists within the community.


  • Gabriel Buttigieg, 24, Visual Arts

Gabriel Buttigieg studied art at the Junior College under Caesar Attard. He studied at the University of Malta under a number of artists, including Robert Zahra, Lino Borg and Vince Briffa. He participated in a number of collective exhibitions, hosted at St James Cavalier, Palazzo De La Salle and Studio 104. He also held two solo exhibitions: Paintings (2016) at Heritage Malta, and Nudes (2016) at Pjazza Teatru Rjal. Another exhibition, in November 2017, at Marie Gallery in Mosta is also in the pipeline. He is also planning an exhibition of large‐scale paintings for June 2018. He was an active member of the Xarolla group of artists. His works can be found in private art collections in Malta and the UK. Gabriel has just embarked on a degree in Psychology at the University of Malta.

“Over the next three years I intend to keep learning my craft, acknowledging that I am very much at the start of a long journey towards achieving excellence and a professional career in the arts.”


  • John Cutajar, 16, Music (Piano, Trumpet)

John Cutajar has been playing the piano for 10 years, and is currently studying for the ATCL Diploma under Sr Benjamina Portelli. He has now also started playing the trumpet under Mro Ryan Mallia. John has already made a name for himself as a young pianist, and has performed in a number of prestigious events.

My goal is to become a renowned versatile musician where I can perform in many different concerts and in different venues. My dream is to take my music all over the world – both in the classic world and the jazz era.”


  • Maria Gauci, 24, Dance

Maria Gauci has been training in dance since the age of seven, when she started her training with Alison White Dance Studio. Her first training choices were Ballet, Jazz and Tap which she continued to study for 11 years. Maria also trained in Spanish dance with Ingrid Sciberras and Janet Vassallo for four years. In 2014 Maria joined Opening Doors Association, with whom she travelled to Poland (2015) for the ART IS interdisciplinary art project. With Opening Doors, Maria has continued to train in Ballet and Contemporary dance and performed in Aħdar Id-Deżert at The Box – A Creative Arts Space (2016), Teatru Salesjani (2017), Art-Is Festival (2015), Disability Week (2015) and This Is Ability Arts Platform at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta. Maria has also participated in a workshop with Street Elements Hip Hop Dancers during 2016 as part of ‘Premju Soċjeta Ġusta 2016’ at Hotel Meridien in December, and in Valletta square in November 2016. Maria was also one of the dancers performing in a folk dance created by Alison White in 2017. This performance was part of an international conference organised by the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education and the Ministry for Education and Employment, as part of the EU Presidency programme hosted in Malta.

“I would like to be involved in more performances both in Malta and abroad. I want to have more training on a regular basis to expand my skills in dance. I want to express rhythm through my body. I would like to learn more tap dance, to strengthen my body for dance and develop greater technical ability, to watch and learn from other creatives and collaborate with them. I would like to someday participate in a professional musical.


  • Martina Joy Azzopardi, 18, Dance (Flamenco)

Martina Joy Azzopardi started out with ballet, at the age of three, under the tuition of Alison White. At seven, she ventured into other genres, particularly tap, hip hop, flamenco and modern jazz. Martina soon realised that her true passion for dance lies with flamenco, and started taking classes at Alegria Academia de Baile Flamenco. She attended a number of workshops with visiting flamenco maestros, and in 2015 she was awarded a summer flamenco workshop with Puerto Flamenco. Martina has performed in various Alegria Academy performances, charity events and private functions. She aspires to travel to Spain to get a feel of the pure flamenco, and to be able to attend workshops – especially to the Jerez Flamenco Festival and the Biennal de Seveilla. Martina has also concluded her piano and theory exams at the Johann Strauss School of Music.

Having now completed my Flamenco coursework it is now time for me to step up my development. This will involve attending master classes particularly with international artists... I will continue to explore and grow in other forms of dance which combined with flamenco would result in an artistic project which can be shared and enjoyed by a mature and young audience.”