Culture Participation Survey 2011

Conducted by NSO in collaboration with the Creative Economy Working Group, the Culture Participation Survey 2011 was released in 2012. This publication, being the most recent of its nature, was designed with the objective to provide an overview of all the main characteristics associated with cultural participation in Malta. The survey was carried out in April 2011 with its target population consisting of the Maltese population aged 16 and over, with 1,441  persons contacted, 1,014 of which were considered to have provided a good and eligible response. The focus was on attendance and participation in different cultural activities as defined by NSO. These included watching TV, listening to music, reading, attending live music and dance performances, theatre, cinema, visiting museums and historical sites, art exhibitions/galleries and internet use for cultural purposes. It also included attendance to traditional cultural events such as Village feasts and Local Council festivals. Demographics serving as independent variables  were age groups, educational level, gender and region. The most popular cultural activities resulted to be watching TV and listening to music while attending village feasts ranked highest amongst traditional cultural events. On the other hand art exhibitions and dance performances were considered to be among the activities to be least likely to be attended.   

Download Culture Participation Survey 2011 here.