• There was an overall increase of 39% in funding for public cultural and creative sector agencies and initiatives over Budget 2015.
  • A total of €52.5 million will be invested by the government in the sector, an increase of over a 100% (or €26 million) over that for 2012. This translates to €122 per head, being €35 more than that allocated for 2015 and €48 over that of 2014.From this total, €33 million or 63% falls under the responsibility of the Ministry responsible for Culture.
  • Since 2013 total cumulative government investment in the sector has reached over €149 million.
  • All recurrent expenditure in the four areas of the cultural and creative sector (heritage, arts, media and interdisciplinary) will experience increases over the 2015 budget amounting to €5.7 million or 21.4%. The total recurrent expenditure will amount to €32.2 million. Capital expenditure almost doubled to a total of €20.3 million over that budgeted for 2015 with heritage, arts and media all having increases.
  • Since 2012 each of these four areas saw marginal increases year-on-year. However for budget 2016 there were abnormal increases in the heritage and media sectors (€6 million and €5 million respectively) while the arts had their highest marginal increase in the past 5 years (over €2 million).
  • A total of €1.8 million will be allocated for new initiatives including the participation of Malta in the Venice Art Biennale 2017, a scholarship in book and paper conservation and an initial investment for the setting up of Teatru Malta -a professional structure for the development of theatre through productions and co-productions with Maltese and international artists and companies.
  • In the arts sector, all public cultural organisations falling under the remit of Arts Council Malta saw increases in their funds with an overall rise of 37% over the 2015 budget with a total of almost €11 million.

Download the Budget 2016 Infographic here.