The policy’s vision is to transform cultural and creative activity into the most dynamic facet of Malta's socio-economic life in the 21st century.

The three principles that drive the visions are (1) to empower the public to participate in cultural activity through a people-centred approach, (2) to enable relationships between all stakeholders, and (3) to promote knowledge-building and sharing through dissemination of best practices and valid information. The policy aims to take action through

  • governance to facilitate cultural development,
  • enabling creativity through education, creative excellence and the economy,
  • developing an inclusive culture,
  • fostering trans-nation cooperation
  • strategic development of culture and the arts.

The policy document covers these chapters:

  • Policy Framework
  • Facilitating Cultural Development: Governance
  • Creative Education
  • Creative Excellence
  • An Inclusive Culture
  • International Cultural Cooperation. 

Download the full document in English here.