The Project Support Scheme is one of Arts Council Malta’s tools to provide stable support for creative and cultural individuals, groups and organisations to plan, grow, develop and deliver ACM’s strategic goals and ongoing strategy, primarily addressing creative professionals and communities, by:

  • Nurturing creative potential and supporting its development into professional activity by encouraging co-creation, collaboration and experimentation;
  • Investing in artistic excellence by encouraging levels of creative risk and experimentation, supporting quality projects as well as identifying talent and encouraging its development;
  • Providing more opportunities for people to engage in creativity, whilst connecting Malta to the international artistic community.

The scheme forms part of Arts Council Malta’s funding programmes which aim at investing in the development of quality-driven creative work which pushes the artists’ and the sector’s boundaries for more engaging creative experiences. The Project Support Scheme aims at supporting artists in taking creative risks to develop new work through research, experimentation and collaboration.

The scheme also supports exploratory projects that would allow creative professionals to experiment, test their work, collaborate and develop their ideas further. Applications submitted, may form part of the initial phase of a wider project / body of work, or can be self-contained, in order to provide creatives with time and space for excellent artistic concepts to develop in support of the creative process in any art form.

This scheme gives creative professionals support throughout the development and / or implementation phases and covers the time and resources needed for creative professionals and their collaborators to develop projects from their concepts.

Who can apply?

Creative professionals/individual artists; Entities registered with the Malta Business Registry (including companies, partnerships, foundations and organisations/associations); Groups, Collectives and Consortia; Registered Cooperatives and Voluntary Organisations.


The deadline to apply is Monday 13th September 2021 at noon. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Click here to download guidelines and click here to download application form template. 

Corrigendum – retroactive costs (18th June 2021) 

Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Application Deadline: 23rd June 2021

Ranking Order

Selina Maria Scerri

Reference number: PSG71-21-513

Project Title: Tomorrow’s blossoms

Amount awarded: €17,876

Tomorrow’s Blossoms is an AI art project whose goal is to create an immersive exhibition in a space by projecting data dramatization, as developed through a year-long project. The project aims to extract the behaviour of natural anthropogenic processes and human creative behaviour by collecting data from the internet and combining it with a set of analogue/digital/paintings. These curated datasets will be input into a learning algorithm designed specifically for the project by Dr Angelo Dalli, producing new datasets. The results are bound to fascinate the viewers through their novelty as well as create a taste for further AI developments. The results will be exhibited and projected at 111 Art Gallery.

Albert Bell

Reference number: PSG66-21-506

Project Title: Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus - The Sword of Fierbois

Amount awarded: €26,764

This project entails the composition, recording, mixing, mastering, release, distribution and promotion of a historical concept based full-length album. The album will be released and distributed worldwide in CD and digital format on the Italian independent record label Metal on Metal Records. The album is also being prospected to be released in limited and exclusive DLP vinyl format and promoted/marketed through diverse media including lyric and concept/performance-based music videos.

Matthew Schembri

Reference number: PSG27-21-373

Project Title: Ħassartek

Amount awarded: €11,086

Ħassartek is a project that aims to partially delete the script of “Stessi”, the applicant’s debut novel (published in 2018) to reveal a different text from the original manuscript. Through this process of partial deletion a literary text that is simultaneously both new and not new will be created. This project experiments with the technique of partial deletion as a form of rebellion and protest towards the authority, stasis and lack of control that a published work entails. The deleted text will be published and exhibited as part of an artistic installation at Studio Solipsis.

Margerita Pulé

Reference number: PSG01-21-229

Project Title: The Ordinary Lives of Women

Amount awarded: €25,000

The Ordinary Lives of Women is an exploration and acknowledgement, in exhibition form, of the value of everyday women, and women’s contribution to humanity. The exhibition is co-curated by Elise Billiard Pisani and Margerita Pulè, and designed by Noura Abdelhafidh. An art-film programme is curated by Nicole Bearman, and the catalogue is edited by Ann Dingli. The Ordinary Lives of Women combines important and statement-making existing work, alongside new work created specifically for the show. It combines installation, performance, and multi-disciplinary work, as well as a small reading / reference library, and shows international and local artists alongside each other.

Applicant: Antje Liemann

Reference number: PSG53-21-482

Project Title: Such Stuff as Worlds are Made On

Amount awarded: €25,000

Such Things as Worlds are Made On is a co-curated project-exhibition in collaboration with a number of local and international artists. Through installation, sound, video, and virtual reality pieces, the project reflects on the effects of environmental emergencies, as well as the limits of human knowledge of our planet and the solar system, and to engage with exploratory practices marginalised by scientific knowledge. The exhibition will shift perspectives towards non-privileged humans, nonhumans, biomes and Martian life forms in order to reflect on the near-future of space colonisation and to explore imaginings of past landings on earth by beings that have pushed human imagination. Over the course of the exhibition, additional workshops and events such as a dreaming session, an astronomy workshop and film-screenings will allow audiences to engage further with the subject, and with works that look towards world-building and towards practices marginalised by positivist scientific knowledge as a possible solution for our current ecological crises.

Katel Delia

Reference number: PSG35-21-407

Project title: MALTA – TUNIS – MARSEILLE

Amount awarded: €9,274

Malta-Tunis-Marseille exhibition is based on a true story. It explores a Maltese family’s complex journey of migration that started one century ago, in its search for a better life. It is about looking for a space to inhabit that feels like home, and being pushed out again because of external issues. As it echoes the life-story of many migrants, the exhibition asks: Where can you find a shelter when your native country does not accept your return? Malta-Tunis-Marseille cuts across the Mediterranean Sea and its restless roads of migration. It is an immersive exhibition, and is made of photographs, videos, sound installations and archival documents from the archives.


Applicant: Clint Calleja

Reference number: PSG67-21-507

Project title: Anamnesis

Amount awarded: €11,213

Anamnesis is a solo exhibition by Clint Calleja and curated by Kenneth Cassar. It will be composed of a number of paintings, sculptures, photography and installations dealing with the theme of trauma and memory. The artworks will be all autobiographical, inspired and/or describing recollections of various events throughout the artist’s life that remained imprinted in his memory. Most of these imprints are of a traumatic nature, which are important ingredients that shaped the applicant as a person and as an artist.


Applicant: Aidan Celeste

Reference number: PSG73-21-515

Project title: hold on to the air in your pockets

Amount awarded: €11,776

This project builds upon work the artists have engaged with independently across the Grand Harbour. It brings together the work of Johannes Buch and Aidan Celeste for a residency at MUŻA. They will focus on using their skills in digital publication to revisit and curate a narrative with experts from heritage, maritime, and the arts. This collaboration will be used to develop a new site-specific intervention for our host, MUŻA, and mediate its design by hosting a reading room. This room, entitled a Residency Space by MUŻA, will be used to host the area’s immediate communities under the guise of an exhibition.


Applicant: Cynthia Bonnici

Reference number: PSG33-21-402

Project title: Alessia’s Project

Amount awarded: €24,670

As a teenage pianist with autism, Alessia engages with music in a distinctive way, expressing through it a vast world of lived experiences that she is unable to express verbally. Through the making of a short film (which will revolve around Alessia’s recording of Ilia Chkolnik’s Piano Concerto No. 1), this project will attempt to communicate Alessia’s unique relationship with music, and celebrate her multiple abilities while respectfully acknowledging her challenges.


Applicant: Joseph Smith

Reference number: PSG38-21-420

Project title: Spaces in Suspension

Amount awarded: €9,841

Spaces in Suspension seeks to document a space that is about to be demolished and erased from the landscape and our collective memory, namely the Verdala Hotel in Rabat. Since ceasing operation in 1997, the space has become a hospice for the objects that were left behind, and these objects have become part of a performance – the act of waiting for demolition. The space will be documented photographically and audio-visually through an exhibition and a subsequent publication, as well as through workshops with students and artists with the possible participation of past employees of the hotel.