The role of digital technology within artistic and cultural practice is an increasingly central one, with the changing cultural landscape making knowledge and application of digital tools and approaches indispensable in contemporary practice. In particular, digital tools are now integral in the production of artistic works, as well as in nurturing collaborations, engaging audiences, developing business models, and generating new knowledge across the arts. In light of this, it is necessary for artists, practitioners and organisations to operate effectively using digital tools and to have the skills, resources and opportunities necessary to do so.

The aim of this fund is to provide the opportunity for artists to develop these skills and engage with digital technology through their work through research, development and practice. The fund will encourage stronger intersectionality between technology, research and the arts.

This fund seeks to increase the digital capacity in creative and cultural practitioners and organisations by developing greater knowledge of what is possible with digital and how to apply digital technology in practice.

Who can apply?

The Grant is open to individuals, groups and/or organisations.


The deadline to apply is Friday 5th February 2021 at noon. Late applications cannot be accepted.


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Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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Ranking Order

Reference Number: DRD25-20-050 

Applicant: Solid Eye Ltd

Project Title: The Time Traveller's Dilemma 

Allocated funds (EUR): €20,000.00


Reference Number: DRD45-20-105

Applicant: Gordon Calleja

Project Title: Digital Vengeance

Allocated funds (EUR): €20,000.00


Reference Number: DRD42-20-090 

Applicant: Christopher Gatt

Project Title: The use of Mobile pHones, AR, BinauralSound and Geolocation apps in the creation of a theatrical performance suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces

Allocated funds (EUR): €18,000.00


Reference Number: DRD41-20-088

Applicant: Daniel Grech

Project Title: Ballet Online Courses

Allocated funds (EUR): €2,179.00


Reference Number: DRD08-20-011

Applicant: Angelo Dalli

Project Title: CSAI Community Digital Collaboration and Research Site

Allocated funds (EUR): €13,890.00


Reference Number: DRD05-20-006

Applicant: Tyrone Grima

Project Title: Zoom

Allocated funds (EUR): €15,156.00


Reference Number: DRD20-20-034

Applicant: Joeaby at I+A

Project Title: Reframe 

Allocated funds (EUR): €19,782.00


Reference Number: DRD47-20-108

Applicant: Toni Gialanze

Project Title: Interactive Spatiality in Sound and Light through Contemporary Dancing and Body Movements

Allocated funds (EUR): €19,115.00


Reference Number: DRD33-20-070

Applicant: Chelsea Sciortino

Project Title: Flabbergasted! A digital-first tabletop roleplaying game

Allocated funds (EUR): €18,000.00


Reference Number: DRD44-20-093

Applicant: Zoe Farrugia

Project Title: Around the World with 80 Actors - A Prickly Pear Podcast 

Allocated funds (EUR): €8,636.00


Reference Number: DRD40-20-086 

Applicant: Christian Heinrichs

Project Title: Reveries

Allocated funds (EUR): €9,905.00


Reference Number: DRD10-20-018

Applicant: Renzo Spiteri

Project Title: Attaining New Digital Creative Skills in Spatial Sound Technologies 

Allocated funds (EUR): €18,099.00


Reference Number: DRD37-20-082 

Applicant: Michael Quinton

Project Title: Spooky Monkey Live in VR

Allocated funds (EUR): €17,238.00