The Arts Education Scheme is one of Arts Council’s Malta tools to sustain and support the recovery of the cultural and creative ecology, with a focus on arts education.

The scheme will support Maltese and Malta based arts education institutions, organisations and enterprises in providing a high standard and forward-looking education in the arts and creativity.  These grants will finance formal and informal education providers to support standards-based arts education, invest in wider engagement and professionalisation of the sector and the wider application of creativity and the arts in formal and informal education.

The scheme strives to transform the challenges resulting from the global pandemic into an opportunity for growth and reflection while maintaining and strengthening the positive effects achieved by Arts Council Malta’s schemes during the past years.   The scheme is also in line with Arts Council Malta’s objective of advocating for a broader inclusion of creativity and the arts within formal and informal education strengthening further 21st century education and skills.

The scheme is composed of two calls, the first call in April 2021 focuses on projects aimed at capacity building, investment in resources and initiatives aimed at regeneration and growth of arts education. Projects may include, but are not limited to, research and investment in teaching pedagogies; investment in innovative hybrid or online training tools; student-based participatory research and creative participatory projects.  

The second call issued in September on the other hand focuses on both capacity building and transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaborations aimed at sharing of knowledge, resources and expertise.  Projects may include, but are not limited to, collaborations between arts education organisations and enterprises and teachers within formal education, museums and environmental or social non-governmental organisations.

The objectives of the schemes are:

  • To support the research and implementation of arts education pedagogies, also in line with the developing challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • To encourage the investment in resources to support arts education pedagogies and practice
  • To encourage and facilitate the exchange of knowledge between private education organisations, independent artists, organisations and arts educators within formal education
  • To encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary projects using the arts and creativity and foster a school community approach which values student creativity
  • To support initiatives aimed at widening engagement of students, young people and adults in arts education.

Who can apply?

Creative professionals/individual artists; Entities registered with the Malta Business Registry (including companies, partnerships, foundations and organisations/associations); Groups, Collectives and Consortia; Registered Cooperatives and Voluntary Organisations.


The deadline to apply is Tuesday 6 April 2021 at noon. Late applications cannot be accepted.

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Applicants are required to register a new profile as from January 2021. 

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