Arts Council Malta would like to receive offers for the leasing premises which shall serve as Stores for Festivals Malta – a Public Cultural Organisation within Arts Council Malta.

Ref. KMKA 70/18

The following are the list of technical specifications / requirements pertaining to the desired leased premises to house the Stores for Festivals Malta:

  1. Premises in different areas may be considered.
  2. Ideally, the stores should be at ground floor level and in an open plan form. Two-floor or multi-floored options may be considered.
  3. The premises need to have accessibility to load / unload material.
  4. The approximate area of store space required ranges between 350m2 and 400m2 covering both requirements as in Point (2) above. Larger premises may be considered.
  5. The stores are to be finished with electricity and electrical points according to Festivals Malta requirements. All finishes costs are to be borne by the landlord and shall not be included in the annual rental fee. If applicable, the bidder is to provide an indication when the premises shall be finished.
  6. Included in the premises should be an office space, workshop, toilet facilities and kitchen. These are to be finished with electricity points, water and all that is necessary according to Festivals Malta requirements.
  7. The entire building is to be fully accessible to people with special needs.
  8. The premises should conform with all local building regulations and standards such as Planning Authority, OHSA and Building Efficiency, as well as specific permit for the building to be used as office space.
  9. The leasing period shall be of 3 years extendable to further periods as needed by Festivals Malta.

The Proposal and Financial Offer

The submissions should include the following documents and information which are to be submitted according in the hereunder sequential order:

a. Personal and contact details of the premises’ owner including postal address, contact numbers and email address;

b. The exact location and address of the premises being offered for lease;

c. The area offered in square metres (per floor if applicable);

d. The number of floors (area per floor) the area is distributed;

e. Information as to whether the area offered exists on its own or is a part of a block;

f. Details as to whether the premises are in a “finished” state, and ready to move into, or otherwise. In the case of semi-finished premises, the contractor is to indicate by when these works shall be completed.

g. The financial offer is to be submitted in the following format:

    i. Annual total cost

    ii. Annual cost for common parts (if any)

    iii. Annual increments if applicable

    iv. Grand Total Cost (for a 3-year period) including all the above but EXCLUDING VAT 

h. Copy of plans of property (1:100 plan) identifying the different amenities identified above;

i. Photos of the interior and exterior areas and other facilities on site (including all lifts where applicable);

j. OHSA certificate (applicable if the premises are in finished state);

k. Building Efficiency Certification (applicable if the premises are in finished state);

l. ARMS statement showing that Electricity and Water bills are fully settled (applicable if the premises are in finished state);

m. Proof that the building is accessible to people with special needs; specifically, KNPD certification (applicable if the premises are in finished state);

n. If the documents listed above are not available, a declaration is to be provided together with the proposed by the bidder in which he/she stated that these documents shall be submitted in due course without undue delay immediately upon completing the finishes to the premises. Costs for the provision of such documents shall be borne by the Contractor.

 Instructions to Bidders:

Arts Council Malta reserves the right to select and/or reject any or all of the submitted proposals. The Ministry may also decide not to proceed further with the Expression of Interest process.

The bidder shall consider the submission of an expression as acceptable on the terms and conditions outlined in this document. Each bidder shall be solely responsible for the fees, costs and expenses incurred in participating in the present process, and Arts Council Malta will under no circumstances be liable for any such fee, costs, expenses, re-imbursements, loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the proposal process.

Submissions are to be submitted by email on quoting the above Title and Reference Number of this Expression of Interest, and the Name of the bidder, not later than 12:00 hours (noon) of Monday 8th October 2018.