Call for expression of interest for the running of bars and food stalls on July 20th, 2018

Open call for the running of bars at Malta Calls on Friday 20th July 2018 for Malta Calls 2018 taking place at St. Clare College School Grounds (ex Sir Adrian Dingli), Pembroke an open-air dance event from 20.00 hrs to 02.00 hrs for an audience of 3,000 people.

The winning bidder is obliged to purchase products from General Soft Drinks and Marsovin.

The winning bidder must provide:

  • his or her own equipment including bar set up, lighting and electricity supply at his or her own expense
  • Set Up one central bar – manned by 15 barmen – where clients can reach the bar from all corners of the bar
  • Set Up bar at the side of the space – manned by 8 to 10 barmen
  • Set Up at least 4 foodstalls next to the second bar (mentioned above)
  • Set Up and manning of bar in the VIP area (for 200 people)

With their application, applicants must submit a detailed list of products that will be sold, along with the price list. Applications without any indication of product prices will be eliminated. A price list itemised for each item on sale must be displayed in a prominent area where the public can easily view it.

It is not permissible to leave any parked commercial vehicles and machinery outside the allocated spaces. The operator must remove and clean any type of waste. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure proper clean-up procedures are implemented; no solid or liquid wastes are to be left on site or disposed of in the space.

The applicant must provide his/ her own bins to use for the waste generated during service. This waste is within the responsibility of the applicant and must be taken care of as needed.

The applicant must provide recycling bins as well as bins for general waste. The containers used to sell products must be made of recyclable material.

All applicants must:

  • present to the Health and Safety regulations, the regulations and legislation of the Maltese catering industry and the VAT department. All necessary legal requirements are in the responsibility of the applicant. The organizers will not take any responsibility in case of any fines incurred by authorities
  • have all the necessary insurance policies which cover any form of risks including that of third parties
  • have the necessary licenses and permits from the relevant authorities to be eligible to sell
  • present documentation to prove the above (eg: VAT Certificate)
  • only sell items as listed below, and abide to the instructions that may be given by the organizer both before and after the activity
  • due to the limitations imposed by sponsorship agreement and liability to its brands, the winning bidder is obliged to purchase all water, softdrinks, beer and wine from GSD and/or CassarCamilleri Ltd. respectively
  • must ensure that items not listed in the application will not be sold at any time. If caught breaking this condition the applicant shall lose his guarantee and may also be asked to close and leave
  • must pay a deposit in the amount of €2500 which will be returned if all regulations are adhered to.

Award of the expression of interest:

The award criteria of this expression of interest shall be the amount paid by the bidder. It shall not be less than €2500.

All Maltese Laws relevant to the activity must be observed. The organizers are not responsible, at any moment, for any damages, theft, or fines issued by the relevant authorities.

Each application will be treated confidentially by the adjudicating board. The board reserves the right to refuse part of, or all of, each application, as well as the right to assign stalls to appropriate operators if the received applications are not satisfactory.

Application Procedure: 

The application needs to be addressed to: Arts Council Malta, 16 Casa Scaglia, Triq Anton Vassalli, Valletta. 

Each application must be submitted via email to by Friday 13th July at 9.00am. The email subject should be: Offer for bars and food stalls during Malta Calls 2018. 

Application form and the Sustainability policy.