Arts Council Malta is looking to engage a Finance Manager to form part of the Finance Department

VACANCY - Finance Manager

Nomenclatures denoting the male gender include also the female gender

  1. The Finance Manager will form part of the Finance Department within Arts Council Malta.

 The main duties are:

  • To assist the Financial Controller as required in the preparation and compilation of the Entity’s management accounts, annual budgets, business plan, cashflow statements, Parliamentary Questions, VAT, audit preparation, government reporting and other ad hoc reports.
  • To perform bank account reconciliations and supplier statement reconciliations on an ongoing and timely basis and provide regular updates on the status of debtors and creditors.
  • To resolve, handle enquiries and communicating decisions and deal with any correspondence relating to financial matters, suppliers, debtors and other stakeholders relating to the function of the unit.
  • To verify, process, coordinate and input transactions, namely, purchase orders, supplier invoices, deposits, payments, invoicing, journal entries etc., in the accounting system as required in accordance with workload exigencies.
  • To maintain and update excel sheets and any schedules as required to monitor payments, deposits, claims from Government line Votes and the disbursement of funds, as well as, performing any other accounting duties as part of a team, and in the overall attainment of strict deadlines.
  • To ensure that any collection of revenue and Arrears of Revenue is maximized and that proper accounts are kept thereof.
  • To coordinate, process and monitor the council’s government line votes and relative preparation of documents and other schedules as required.
  • To maintain proper records and monitor on an ongoing basis the entities cost centres in relation to the approved budgets with focus to the relevant expenditure and income targets.
  • To assist, monitor and coordinate the preparation of the council’s payrolls and any other duties ancillary thereto.
  • To assist the council external auditors as necessary during the preparation of the council’s Audit.
  • To ensure that proper filing for all financial documents is maintained in a timely manner and assist as necessary.
  • To draft reports, returns and other documents as necessary from time to time to satisfy requirements for reporting to management.
  • To act as a liaison on day to day financial and managerial matters between the Directorates and other projects/units within the overall remit of the Arts Council Malta, Government Ministries, Departments, other Public Sector entities as well as all any other stakeholders.
  • To communicate with the Financial Controller and the Director Corporate Affairs on matters that fall within the remit and responsibilities of the position.
  • To manage and co-ordinate work load and ensure that the staff within the Finance department and other subordinates are performing their duties in a timely and satisfactory manner, guiding and assisting the team as necessary. The finance manager will be entrusted to ensure completion of all processing and work necessary up to trial balance stage.
  • To ensure that the internal policies and procedures and the Financial and Procurement regulations in force at the time are strictly adhered to, and that all public funds for which he/she is responsible to are properly disbursed and accounted for.
  • To draft correspondence, documents and reports as required and any other duties and projects directed by the Financial Controller as well as by the Director Corporate Affairs and the Executive Chairman as may be required from time to time.

       2. The selected candidate shall, for the period during which he/she is performing such duties, be accountable to the respective head where he is deployed.

        3. The salary attached to the position of Finance Manager shall be €30,614 per annum rising by annual increase of €750 – Arts Council Malta Grade 2. Furthermore a Performance Bonus of not more than 15% and all-inclusive communication up to €1,600 and all-inclusive transport allowance up to €1,500 are included in the financial package.

        4. Eligible applicants will be interviewed by a Selection Board to assess their suitability to carry out such duties.

         5.1.     Applicants must, by the closing date of submission of the application, be in possession of:

  • A University degree at MQF Level 6 (and / or professional equivalent) qualification, preferably in Accountancy; or Commerce, Finance, Business and Management and 3 years relevant working experience; OR
  • A University diploma at MQF Level 5 (and / or professional equivalent) qualification, preferably in Accountancy; or Commerce, Finance, Business and Management and 5 years relevant working experience.
  • An excellent understanding and working knowledge of Accounting Software preferably SAGE and Microsoft Excel, is essential.
  • Ability to work within a team and to handle all stakeholders with a positive attitude and in a professional manner.
  • Preference will be given to experience attained within a computerized, windows based accounting package and accruals based Finance Department.

         5.2.     Qualifications and experience claimed must be supported by certificates and/or testimonials, copies of which should be attached to the application or sent separately to the Director Corporate Affairs / Executive Chairman at 16, Casa Scaglia, Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli, Valletta, by the closing date.  

5.3.     Original certificates and/or testimonials are to be invariably produced for verification at the interview.

5.4.     (a)     With respect to qualifications produced in response to this call for applications, applicants are required to request a recognition statement from the Qualifications and Recognition Information Centre (QRIC). The application form may be downloaded from the QRIC section on the National Commission for Further and Higher Education website ( Such statement should be attached to the application and the original presented at the interview.

(b)      Applicants who are not in possession of the recognition statement may still apply, provided that they submit a copy to the receiving Entity as soon as this is available but, in any case, by not later than one week from the closing date of the Expression of Interest.  Applicants who, for reasons beyond their control, fail to present the required statement within the one-week period stipulated above, may request the receiving entity to extend the time limit by a further period which, in any case, may not exceed one week.  Reasons for delay should be clearly stated.

(c)     Applicants are exempt from the above requirements in respect of qualifications obtained from accredited universities or other accredited institutions that are listed and available for download from the QRIC section on the National Commission for Further and Higher Education website ( In cases of doubt, however, the Selection Board may set aside this exemption and direct an applicant to procure a recognition statement from QRIC. In such a case the applicant shall be given one month to procure the statement, subject to the possibility of extension as provided for in sub-paragraph (b) above.

6.      Persons with a Disability (NCPD) may be given reasonable accommodation in terms of Section 7 of the Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability) Act (Cap 413), even if they do not fully satisfy the eligibility requirements; this provided they can carry out, in essence, the duties related to the position/s applied for.

Representations in terms of this clause should be attached to the application form and supported with relevant documents which must also include documentary evidence of registration with the NCPD.  Reasoned justifications should be given to substantiate the lack of full eligibility requirements and why reasoned considerations are merited. All correspondence is to be addressed to the receiving entity and copied to the NCPD. 

7.     Applications, supported by the necessary documentation, which should include a detailed C.V., and a clean Police conduct, are to reach the Director Corporate Affairs / Executive Chairman at, 16, Casa Scaglia, Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli, Valletta, by hand or by post, by not later than noon 1st of April 2018. Scanned copies of the application and the relevant documentation sent electronically on are acceptable.

8.      Applications received from abroad through a fax or other similar message by not later than noon 1st of April 2018 may be considered provided that all requisite details are given. The formal expression of interest duly signed by the applicant must reach Director Corporate Affairs / Executive Chairman by not later than one week after the closing date with an explanation for the delay.

9.       ( a )  Applications delivered by hand will be acknowledged in writing and a receipt will be issued at the time of delivery.

( b )   Applications sent via email and fax will be acknowledged immediately. 

( c )  Applications by post should be sent by registered mail and in sufficient time to ensure delivery by the closing date.  These will be acknowledged in writing within five (5) working days from receipt.

( d )  In the absence of an acknowledgment within five (5) working days from the closing date of applications, it is the responsibility of applicants concerned to confirm with the receiving entity, at the above address, receipt of their application by the closing date.

( e )  Applications are to be submitted by the 1st of April 2018.

10.    Selected Officers will be required to sign an undertaking signifying their commitment to the assignment for which they are selected.