Working closely with the Internationalisation Associate at Arts Council Malta, the Internationalisation Support Coordinator will contribute to the vision of Arts Council Malta’s Internationalisation programme, with a specific focus on export programmes and initiatives forming part of Arts Council Malta’s Funding and Strategy portfolio, including Malta’s participation in international events and cultural collaborations.

General Responsibilities

To coordinate the development of the representation and participation in international initiatives, including events organised by ACM and Malta based networks of international cultural institutes;

To track project milestones and deliverables of ACM’s International programmes and initiatives with respect stakeholders to the established timeframes and indicators;

To devise marketing and communication plans so as to promote international programmes and initiatives, including but not limited to managing the production of publications, promotional materials, booking of advertising, regular upkeep and uploading of web content, the planning and delivery of social media and audio-visual campaigns, monitoring preleases, news stories, radio and TV interviews, websites accordingly;

To liaise with the ACM’s communications team as needed, including research, development, the collection of data, content writing, drafting and editing of information, supporting public relations initiatives and exercises related to international projects;

To liaise with public and private sponsors in relation ACM’s internationalisation programme and initiatives;

To coordinate and provide logistic support as needed including hospitality arrangements for International projects in liaison with the Internationalisation Associate and the communications teams, ensuring the effective delivery of any scheduled events forming part of the projects;

To develop, facilitate and establish a strong communication network between cultural journalists, editors and practitioners in the cultural and creative sectors so as to maximise on the opportunities for Malta’s cultural and creative sectors both locally and internationally;

To ensure that artists and other creative professionals know about specific international opportunities offered by ACM and relevant platforms;

To draft correspondence, proposals, reports, speech notes, discussion documents and position papers;

To provide regular updates about the progress being made on international programmes and initiatives;

To maintain accurate and up-to-date budget, income and expenditure spreadsheets;

To perform procurement work, including gathering of quotations within the administration section as per Government Procurement Regulations;

To monitor pre-releases, news stories, radio and TV interviews, websites;

To maintain and conduct proper filing of documents related to the programme and initiatives in digital and / or hard formats.

Other Duties as Assigned

This job description is not necessarily an exhaustive list of duties but is intended to reflect a range of duties the Internationalisation Support Coordinator will perform. The job description may be reviewed regularly and may be changed in the light of experience and in consultation with the Internationalisation Support Coordinator.

The selected service provider will be based at Arts Council Malta and will be required to be available for meetings via internet, on-site and at the office. S/he will have flexible working hours and will be able to provide services during unscheduled or at unusual times as required by the exigencies of work.

Qualifications and Experience Required

In possession of a Masters degree at MQF Level 7 or an appropriate, recognised comparable qualification in Cultural Management, International Relations, Cultural Diplomacy, Communications or relevant areas, plus one (1) years relevant work experience.


In possession of a Bachelors qualification at MQF Level 6, or an appropriate, recognised, comparable qualification in Cultural Management, Communications, International Relations, Cultural Diplomacy or relevant areas, plus two (2) years relevant work experience.


Excellent writing and verbal communication skills in Maltese, English, Italian, French;

Knowledge of the cultural and creative sectors;

Excellent networker;

General awareness of office procedures and business writing skills;

Strong organisational and administrative skills and attention to detail;

Excellent interpersonal skills and customer service skills;

Fluent in design language;

Knowledge of audio visual production and editing software;

Demonstrated ability to observe and acquire new skills pertaining to external and internal communication skills;

A creative mindset and the ability to work well under pressure, completing tasks efficiently, and handling tight deadlines;

A commitment to customer service and quality management.


The selected candidate will be awarded a three (3) year Contract for Service, with the possibility to renew for a further period of three (3) years, depending on his/her performance.

Answerable to the Exec Chair and Director Funding and Strategy of Arts Council Malta, operating with flexible hours to meet the demands and requirements of the position. The chosen candidate will be required to work within the rules and regulations of the Malta Public Service.

The remuneration is of €28,843 (excluding VAT but including any other taxes or charges) per year. In addition, for the duration of the contract, the Service Provider shall receive an end of year Performance Bonus up to a maximum of 10% at the discretion of the Director Funding and Strategy.

Payment will be processed monthly by Arts Council Malta on receipt of an invoice with a valid VAT number.


Interested applicants are required to send a motivation letter together with a CV and certified true copies of certificates to (

Closing date for applications is Monday, 29th November, 2021, at noon.

Eligible applicants will be asked to sit for a selection interview.