KorMalta - Malta National Choir is opening auditions for those who are interested in being choristers within the initiative.

KorMalta-Malta National Choir is opening auditions for those who are interested in being choristers within the initiative. This Open Call aims at creating a new group of choristers at KorMalta to feature a broad pool of different voices and embark on exciting projects during season 2021-2022 (October 2021-September 2022). Choristers contracted by KorMalta for the 2020-2021 season are also required to apply to this Call should they wish to be part of the Choir in the next season.

Applicants will have to fill in an application form, as well be present for an audition where musical knowledge, skills and a short motivational interview will be conducted. During the auditions, applicants will be given marks by a juror’s panel and a ranking order will be created. After the auditions, applicants will be contacted by email with the result of their audition (mark, comments, position in the ranking), and their participation in the Choir will be confirmed or otherwise on the basis of sufficient musical knowledge and skills, motivation and attitude towards KorMalta.

Successful applicants will be offered the chance to join KorMalta in different concerts, in exchange for a fee for their participation to rehearsals and performances. The selected choristers will be notified well in advance before the start of a project rehearsals and will be given the opportunity to accept of reject the offer to join a project.

Material to be prepared for the Audition:

Material to be prepared for the Audition:

All applicants are required to:

1. Fill in and submit the Online Application accessible from this page

2. Be prepared to sing 1 aria of choice, song or other composition for voice from any era (early to contemporary music)

3. Be prepared to sing the following from Faure’s ‘Requiem’:

4. Basses: (pg 15,16,17) (pgg 18,19,20,21,22 till E), (pg 31,32,33)

5. Tenors: (pgg 3, 4 until E), (9,10,11 until D), (pg 27,28 until B)

6. Altos: (pg 5,6,7,8) , (9,10,11 until D) (pg 28,29,30)

7. Sopranos: (pgg 18,19,20,21,22 till E), (pg 31,32,33) (pg 48, 49,50 until C)

8. Be prepared to sing ‘Ave Maris Stella’ (both lines in case more than 1 line is present per voice type)

9. Send the voice + piano score of the aria of choice, song or other composition for voice from any era (early to contemporary music) they would like to perform at the audition in .pdf format to opencall@kormalta.mt by 13th August 2021.

Applicants will also be asked to vocalise and sight-read during the audition. Applicants may wish to prepare themselves for the auditions by using available resources (e.g. Perfect Ear  and Ear Master Pro apps available on Google Store). Other material will also be provided by KorMalta to support applicants’ preparation for their audition.

Marking & Evaluation (per juror)

Musical knowledge and skills (80 points):

- performance and interpretation (40 points)

- vocal technique (20 points)

- sight-reading (10 points)

- tonal memory (10 points)


Motivation and Attitude: 20 points

A minimum of 60/100 per chorister needs to be obtained by each juror in order to pass the selection process. 3 selected jurors will be evaluating the auditions and the submitted documentation (via the online form). Lateness to the audition may be considered negatively during the evaluation of Motivation and Attitude.


Applicants must submit the form available on LINK completed with their data by no later than Friday 13th August 2021, close of business. Failure to submit by the set deadline will result in a discarded application, and an audition won’t be organised.

Applicants who submit the required form in time will be contacted to arrange a date for their audition, which will be organised in the month of September 2021.

Audition results will be communicated via email by the end of September 2021.

Further requirements and information

Auditions, as well as the whole application process, are free of charge.

Applicants who confirm their audition slot with KorMalta but do not show up at the agreed venue on time will be automatically discarded from the selection process.

Please allow yourself enough time to get familiar with what is requested in the online form, as you may need time to produce the documents or details that are listed there.

In case of queries, please email opencall@kormalta.mt.

Download the Scores here