Valletta Design Cluster (situated at the Old Abattoir), Valletta and its immediate surroundings (public/semi-public spaces), Malta. fuse is a collaborative project in contemporary art which is taking place between March and December 2020. It is created and curated by Elyse Tonna and co-produced by the Valletta Cultural Agency.

The project aims to engage communities with artistic research and an exhibition at the site of the Old Abattoir in Valletta. Communities might be of human or non-human nature, and engagement may vary according to each specific theoretical context. VCA are seeking artists (both emerging and established, individuals or groups) to participate in a process which will result in the creation of community-specific or context-specific, contemporary art interventions, building a scripted experience relating to different parallel ongoing narratives. The artists will be working alongside the curatorial team, community groups and community members to develop contextually,  commissioned work which will form part of a collective exhibition at the Valletta Design  Cluster or in its whereabouts between September 2020 and December 2020.

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