In collaboration with Arts Council Malta and the Maltese international DJ, Tenishia, a full production team is currently adding the finishing touches to the shooting of a TV programme that will be screened next year on ONE TV.

The programme will have two parallel sections, at times shifting from one to the other, between reality TV and docudrama, showing contrasts in the current life of Tenishia, as well as various events that have shaped his life to the present day.

The reality show will be following the DJ in his busy celebrity life: his frequent travels around the world, airports, luxurious hotels, clubs and exotic bays, as well as various music events in Malta. These will contrast with the day-to-day life of the DJ: at the studio, at home with his family, and playing some prank with his friends.

Another contrast will be between some drive in a luxury car, surrounded by a retinue of Chinese fans armed with their cameras, and more intimate scenes with his family or changing nappies to his young son.

The programme will also show biographical snippets, recounting the story of the lad from Cottonera who achieved his dreams, won an international following and played in the most prestigious festivals and clubs in the world. The narrative is interspersed with interviews with people who were directly involved in the events, as well as re-enactments of various episodes in Tenishia’s life, combined with various videos and original photographs that enhance the story-telling.

Although this programme will try to be as honest as possible about the potential pitfalls and snags inherent in life, its main aim is to inspire and motivate the viewers.

Currently, the production team is looking for various actors that bear resemblance to Joven at different ages.

Besides extras, the team is also looking for a person who is a Cyprian Cassar look-alike, who for several years formed part of Tenishia, and persons who resemble the DJs at Osiris, DJ Jamaica and Funky J.


All interested persons may apply here:

8-year-old Joven

Joven, at 16

Joven, at 24


DJ Jamaica, at 22

Funky J, at 28