VideoVortex Conference will reconvene this September... And this edition is being held in Malta for the first time!!

Spazju Kreattiv and the Department of Digital Arts of the University of Malta, are proud to be hosting this international conference at Spazju Kreattiv from 26th to 28th September 2019.  

VideoVortex, an artistic network that deals with the aesthetics and politics of online video, will gather again, this time in Malta, for a two-day conference in late September.  This year, a conference and exhibition are focusing particularly on bringing new research, theory and critiques of online video – in addition to questions around its integration with social media – to Malta. 

How to Register for the Conference:
Registration for the conference is open for the public free of charge upon timely registration.  Furthermore, there will be a separate registration form for the screenings that form part of this conference.

To register please complete the form here.
To register for the screenings please complete the form here.

More information can be found on Spazju Kreattiv's website.