Teatru Malta, an initiative of Arts Council Malta, prides itself on being wholeheartedly committed to creating theatre that frequently ventures outside of its office walls and straight into the hearts of different communities and interesting venues all over Malta and Gozo.

With a programme full of innovative productions, each specifically tailored to varied audiences, Teatru Malta makes sure to offer something for everyone, be it pieces of new writing, re-adapted classics, operas, operettas, productions in the dark, or work for young audiences. The goal is always not to look away from the community, but right at it. Teatru Malta doesn’t just want to work for the community, but also with it, hand in hand with colleagues within the cultural sector and outside it, foreign and local, through direct participation, contribution and collaboration. Over the course of the last year, Teatru Malta has hosted talks, started initiatives within schools, both primary and secondary, collaborated with different departments within the university, and aims to reach the homes of its audiences through televised transmissions, locally and overseas. Teatru Malta wants its artists to feel at home within its walls and outside them, its audiences to be challenged and collaborators to be inspired. Teatru Malta is Malta’s National Theatre company.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Artistic Director will be required to:

  • Create and devise the artistic programme for Teatru Malta 2020—2022;

  • Collaborate with the theatre community, drawing on the diverse skills and talent taking into account the cultural diversity and the local theatre resources of Malta and Gozo;

  • Create a debate about theatre with the sector, other sectors and audiences;

  • Contribute towards strengthening the artistic and technical capacities of theatre-making in Malta;

  • Increase communication, networking and collaboration between the different stakeholders making up the theatre ecology;

  • Achieve a level of excellence in programming through the commissioning of new work and the creation of innovative and exciting productions and co-productions;

  • Create a programme which engages existing audiences and develops new audiences;

  • Collaborate with Public Cultural Organisations;

  • Collaborate with training institutions in the arts for professional development in theatre;

  • Represent Teatru Malta and champion its work nationally and internationally;

  • Develop positive relationships with the press and media, acting as a spokesperson for Teatru Malta.


Skills and Competencies

  • Outstanding experience in theatre as a theatre maker, artistic director or creative producer with a strong and diverse portfolio demonstrating artistic excellence and vision in theatre;

  • Experience in an arts leadership position with a creative passion and enthusiasm to drive forward a national artistic project;

  • Ability to devise and deliver Teatru Malta’s artistic vision whilst delivering a strong programme of inspiring, groundbreaking and exciting theatre work, productions and activities;

  • Experience in project management and a clear understanding of strategic thinking within an organisation, particularly a national theatre company structure;

  • Extensive knowledge and access to national and international theatre networks;

  • Sound knowledge of the Maltese islands’ cultural and creative sectors, with special focus on the theatre sector;

  • A proven understanding, track record and commitment to developing audiences;

  • A proven understanding, track record and commitment to developing learning and participatory opportunities;

  • An excellent communicator with the ability to present and debate issues convincingly internally and externally on public platforms and in the media;

  • Ability to champion the project within Government, the public sector, the theatre and wider arts sector; Strong diplomatic skills.

The Deliverables

I. Set and sustain the artistic vision for Teatru Malta

One of the major tasks of the Artistic Director is to set the artistic vision for Teatru Malta. This should reflect Arts Council Malta’s goals focusing on nurturing creative potential and supporting its development into professional activity, investing in artistic excellence, connecting Malta to the international artistic community, providing more opportunities for people to engage in creativity

II. Creating and devising Teatru Malta’s

Programme for 2020, 2021 and 2022 The Artistic Director will be requested to create three-yearly artistic programmes for 2020, 2021 and 2022 in line with this vision and general aims of Teatru Malta.

III. Engage in communality

Teatru Malta should serve as the champion for theatre in Malta and act as a reference point for the theatre sector whilst instilling a sense of commonality within the theatre field as well as with the respective stakeholders. The Artistic Director will be encouraged to engage:

Inside the theatre practitioners’ sphere through networking platforms, labs for the development of new and innovative work, and productions;

With identified communities by including them in the process with the aim of creating a community cultural exchange, developing audiences, inspiring the artistic process and engaging the various local efforts on the periphery of theatre practice into the heart of Teatru Malta;

With other stakeholders to extend collaborations with the aim of engaging with other sectors, create solid relationships with funders from the private sector and enhance the relevance of the theatre sector to society and life in general.


Contract of Engagement

The selected candidate will be engaged on a three-year contract for service. Answerable to the Executive Chairman of Arts Council Malta, the chosen candidate is expected to develop the artistic programme and work in direct collaboration with the Head of Productions at Teatru Malta, operating with flexible hours to meet the demands and requirements of the position. The chosen candidate will be required to work within the rules and regulations of the Malta Public Service. The remuneration is of EUR25,000.00 (excluding VAT) per year. Payment will be processed monthly by Arts Council Malta on receipt of an invoice with a valid VAT number. On settlement, the person is to provide a VAT receipt to the Contracting Authority.

The chosen candidate may enter into negotiations with Arts Council Malta on other engagements, artistic or otherwise, with other organisations and/or in other countries, as long as such engagements are not in direct conflict with the chosen candidate’s commitment to ensure the successful, effective and visionary direction of Teatru Malta. The nature of engagements and other commitments are to be discussed prior to the signing of the agreement pertaining to the engagement of the Artistic Director.



To apply: Please supply a CV and a covering letter explaining how your skills and experience match the requirements of this role.

Applications are to be sent to the Executive Chairman, Arts Council Malta on vacancies@artscouncilmalta.org. Closing date for applications is 9th August 2019, noon.