The Arts Council Malta, within the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, needs to sell: Unserviceable scrap metal and aluminium at Arts Council Malta site at Marsa and Luqa.

Date: 16th July 2019



  1. The items as per attached photos are being offered ‘tale quale’
  1. a) Quotes are to be submitted by filling in the form attached duly signed.

    b) The Chairman, Arts Council Malta reserves the right to refuse any offer even the most advantageous.
  1. Government employees are not allowed to submit a quote.
  1. The successful bidder shall be required to withdraw all items falling under this bid and as indicated by the Officer in Charge concerned after the relative bid price has been paid.
  1. Payment is to be made by the successful bidder at the Arts Council Malta.

    a) Full payment is to be affected by the successful bidder within six (6) working days from the date of acceptance of this bid.

    b) Any other expenses or payments to other Departments or entities have to be borne by the successful bidder.  In this connection, bidders are to make the necessary enquiries with the pertinent Departments/entities.
  1. The Chairman, Arts Council Malta reserves the right that in the event of the successful bidder failing to pay the relative price within the stipulated period stated in paragraph consider the contract as having been abandoned (without the necessity of any prior legal proceedings), in which case the bidder shall be liable to a penalty equivalent to 10% of the value of the amount quoted in addition to any other damages and for penalties which may be due.
  1. The successful bidder shall be required to take consignment and remove all  items  from the Arts Council Malta within ten (10) working days from the date of payment;
  • The items shall be removed by the successful bidder on any working day during normal working hours by agreement with the Officer in charge.
  1. In the case of any delays to remove the items the successful bidder shall be liable to a fine of  €11.65 (Eleven  Euros sixty five cents) in respect of each day in excess of fifteen (15) working days up to a maximum of ten (10) working days - at the end of which the provisions of conditions in paragraph 10 and 11 shall become operative.
  1. The successful bidder shall provide all labour and transport required for the removal of all the items and all expenses incurred in connection with the removal operations shall be borne by him.
  1. Should the successful bidder fail to remove all the items as indicated in paragraph 7a, he shall be liable to forfeit any sum paid by him in accordance with paragraph 5b and such other fines to which he may be liable in terms of those conditions.
  1. The Chairman, Arts Council Malta reserves the right to dispose of these items as he deems fit if the successful bidder fails to commence or complete the removal as laid down in paragraph 7a. In such an instance the successful bidder shall have no claim for compensation and shall moreover, be liable to the payment of such fines as may be due under paragraph 6.


Images of the related items may be viewed HERE.

Download BID FORM.