Published on Friday 27 November 2020

Minister for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government José Herrera launched the first Regional Cultural Strategies.

The aim of the Cultural Strategies is to make culture a key role in building stronger and more cohesive communities, while being a catalyst for the sustainable development of these same communities.

“The Government remains committed to supporting the Regional Council” said Minister José Herrera. He explained that the implementation of this strategy is crucial because he firmly believes that culture is an essential element for the good of our communities.

Minister Herrera concluded that this is one of the actions in conjunction with the principles, initiatives and measures which collectively will really be changing and improving the quality of life of the people as announced earlier this week.

Ms Mary Ann Cauchi Director of Funding and Strategy explained that Arts Council Malta strives to support the cultural and creative sectors at local and regional level while facilitating forms of community exchange through funding programs, initiatives strategic and even focused and knowledgeable human resources in this field.

These Cultural Strategies will serve as a tool for development and investment in strategic areas of entrepreneurship, research, internationalisation and education in local and regional communities. In addition, the themes of digitalisation, well-being and environmental awareness will be given relative importance.

The public cultural cultural organisations that fall under the mandate of Arts Council Malta are key partners in engaging with the various communities through programming and collaborations with private cultural organizations and civil society.

The press conference was addressed by Associate Dr Simone Inguanez, from Arts Council Malta and the Director General of Local Government Natalino Attard.

Press release by the Ministry of the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government.