Published on Friday 19 November 2021

The Events Assurance Scheme is aimed at providing the necessary assurance for cultural and artistic professionals in case of any potential re-introduction of restrictive measures beyond the current ones. The scheme will provide mitigation on measures that can have a devastating impact on the industry and will provide support to cover investments in terms of time and equity in the preparation for the organisation of activities/events.

In 2021, the Government throughout the pandemic has supported the Creative and Cultural Industries through the RESTART programme and other general initiatives such as the wage supplement scheme. As these initiatives were targeted to actually sustain and support the resilience of the sectors in a short to medium term, through this assurance facility, economic operators will gather the necessary momentum to actually plan for a longer term hence providing the necessary comfort to start planning and operating in a more sustainable manner.

Even though more and more professionals are being encouraged to start preparing for such activities/events, in view of the current global pandemic situation, even though, there is still a high level of uncertainty, as the circumstances remain volatile and unprecedented changes may occur instantaneously.

The objective of the financial instrument is to setup an assurance facility specifically supporting the cultural and artistic activities/events which are directly impacted by the introduction of further restrictive measures due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The scheme is open to Maltese (or applicants in possession of a Malta residence permit; or of a Maltese citizenship certificate; or of a Maltese passport) creative professionals/artists, entities registered with the Malta Business Registry (including companies, partnerships, foundations and organisations/associations), groups, collectives and consortia, registered cooperatives or Voluntary Organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisation. Applications will be screened in terms of eligibility.

The Events Assurance Scheme will be split in 6 calls covering distinctive months as outlined on the Guidelines and Regulations document published by Arts Council Malta.

For more information visit or contact Arts Council Malta on 23347230 or via email on