Published on Friday 20 September 2019

“The Movie Charity Auction”, which was held between 5 and 7 September 2019 in Venice, Conventions Malta, organised a guided tour of Malta Pavilion at the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia with the participation of Malta pavilion’s lead curator Dr Hesperia Iliadou – Suppiej.

Inspired by the Odyssey, one of humanity’s oldest stories, the exhibition Maleth / Haven/ Port - Heterotopias of Evocation, verges between reality and fictitious invention, to provide a contemporary and immersive re-interpretation of our timeless need of seeking a Haven (Maleth), most strongly experienced in times of crisis.

The Phoenician word Maleth evokes the primeval origins of Malta's existence and literally translates to Haven/Port, a quality inspired in all who traversed the waters of the Mediterranean through the ages and that still withstands today.

Bringing together artists from the Mediterranean, the artworks are specially commissioned pieces engaging the audience to complementary semantic enquiries into contemporary conditions of homeness/ (un)homeness spreading beyond predisposed mental notions of assigned tactile borders.

Open to diverse readings and drawing on the tri-fold of histories, mythologies and expectations, Maleth/Haven/Port- Heterotopias of Evocation aims to create a curatorial theme where the artworks come together, as vessels within a sea, inviting us to participate in an intuitively playful dialogue, traversing the exhibition in a curiosity-driven voyage of self-reflection, in a suggestive fictitious space created within the Arsenale.