Published on Saturday 20 February 2021

Minister for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government José Herrera launched the process through which Arts Council Malta will be designing its upcoming strategy. During this phase of the process, the public and all interested stakeholders are invited to participate in a public consultation process which seeks to build on the current strategy whilst engaging with new ideas and suggestions for the formation of the new strategy aimed at lasting until 2025

‘Care.  Create.  Flourish.’ are the themes which will underpin this consultation process deriving from an internal insight which is now being brought to the public, through a process which envisages active participation by all partners, stakeholders and players in the creative and cultural sectors. 

The Council has adopted a bottom-up approach to the consultation process, based on qualitative research and an inclusive, participatory method, to ensure that the challenges faced by the arts sector are appropriately addressed. Indeed, participants will be invited to attend workshops, and give their feedback on a variety of themes.

Minister Herrera emphasised the need to continuously renew such strategies to keep in line with the developments of our society. “Arts Council Malta is a clear example of how government entities should interact with the sectors they represent”, said the minister. “I am pleased to see the Arts Council embracing its philosophy of active engagement with all stakeholders. This surely augurs well for the Council who has been a beacon of light for the creative and cultural sectors, especially during the past few months”, he reiterated.  

Funding and Strategy Director Mary Ann Cauchi explained that, “Guided by national, European and global cultural policy frameworks, as well as our work on the previous strategy, we are now embarking on a consultation process with our partners, the public, and stakeholders from the cultural and creative sectors, among others.”

Adrian Debattista, Head of Strategy said that, “Arts Council Malta looks forward to a strategy which will set out our ambitions, measures, and priorities for the coming years. This strategy will form our approach towards investing in, advocating for, and supporting the cultural and creative ecology in Malta.”

Arts Council Malta is working with a team of key experts to make sure that the process towards the new strategy truly represents the needs of the sectors and transcends boundaries to ensure the creative and cultural sectors are duly represented and that the public is fully engaged as key stakeholder and beneficiary of the Council’s work. 

All those interested in contributing to the public consultation can do so by visiting The public consultation will remain open till 19th April 2021.

Press Release By The Ministry For National Heritage, The Arts And Local Government.