Published on Thursday 31 October 2019

The Ministry of Justice, Culture and Local Government, through Arts Council Malta and in collaboration with the Malta Band Clubs Association, has launched a new fund for the purchase of musical instruments by Maltese musical societies.

During the launch of this fund, the Minister of Justice, Culture and Local Government said: “The fund will further strengthen the work done by musical societies, that is to promote music education in our communities, and assist them in the purchase of musical instruments to increase music education. This is another electoral promise.”

Minister Owen Bonnici referred to the frequent activities organized by musical societies that continue to increase cultural life and traditions in our localities. “Such initiatives by musical societies,” said Minister Bonnici, “make the artistic and cultural sector more accessible to everybody and provide the best possible way for our youth to discover their talents. It is, therefore, our duty to continue to strengthen music education within our community.”

This fund offers co-financing for the purchase of instruments for use by band players registered with the applying musical society. The fund may cover up to 85% of the total expenditure. The proposal is to include a detailed and realistic educational programme, the name and experience of the instructor, and details of the expected learning outcomes.

The list of eligible instruments under this scheme are: the piccolo, the oboe, the cor anglais, the bass clarinet, the bassoon, the baritone saxophone, the E-flat trumpet, the flugelhorn, the bass trombone and the double bass.

Registered band players will need to have at least two years experience in the playing of an instrument of the same musical family of the instrument regarding which co-financing is being proposed and / or three years experience if the proposal regards a different instrument. The band player will be expected to attend an audition before a panel of experts to ensure an acceptable level of competence. The proposed project is to show innovation, professionality and creativity as regards the teaching and its implementation. The application shall also take into consideration the sustainability and long duration of the project, as well as the aim and the benefits.

Proposals are to be made on by noon of 3rd December 2019. Applications submitted after the date and time indicated will not be accepted by the system.

Education and Purchase of a Musical Instrument-Guidelines 2019

Press release by the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government.