Published on Monday 30 September 2019

Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici announced that a total of 29 musical societies have been awarded € 150,000 amongst them, thanks to a fund focusing on strengthening the cultural work done by these societies.  This fund is now in its third year.

Minister Bonnici referred to the work done by these societies, who carry an intrinsic role within our communities, especially when it comes to upholding traditions and the teaching of music, most of which is done on a voluntary basis.

“This Government’s vision with regards to the culture sector is that more people should benefit from it. These musical societies are catalysts in attracting more audiences towards the culture sector, and through such opportunities, we are investing towards a better cultural and artistic product”, said Minister Bonnici.

Musical societies serve as a point of entry and engagement with the arts and their activities are ongoing. While they focus to teaching music to children and young people, they also organise cultural and traditional activities, which reach a peak during their main activity – village feasts.

The buildings in which they are housed, often contain objects of historical value and are of historical significance themselves as well.

The fund builds on the successes registered from previous editions, and supports various initiatives proposed by the band clubs themselves.

The fund was open to all band clubs in Malta and Gozo registered as voluntary organisations and compliant with the Voluntary Organisations Act by the closing date for applications; eligible band clubs also needed to be active members of the Għaqda Każini tal-Banda according to its statute.

This fund is managed by Għaqda Każini tal-Banda and by Arts Council Malta within the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government.

In the meantime, during the same event a representative from each fireworks factory which works on a voluntary basis was given a first aid kit.

Press release by the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government.