Published on Wednesday 1 February 2023

Status of the Artist Charter and 9 new schemes, among others

Arts Council Malta, within the Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, has announced its calendar for the year 2023. This calendar focuses on Arts Council Malta’s strategy and funding, as well as making reference to Art Council Malta’s events and campaigns through which it will be delivering its vision and implementing the 2025 Strategy.

There are several initiatives which will be an integral part of Arts Council Malta’s six strategic aims which will be addressed throughout this year. “The 2023 calendar is clear evidence of the actions which Arts Council Malta is taking to implement the underpinning themes of the 2025 Strategy – Care Create Flourish. This includes participatory governance, where the thinking is that of creating a working group which represents the sector in a holistic way. Besides this, we are taking actions so that there is more interministerial and intersectoral work,” said Ms Mary Ann Cauchi, Director Funding and Strategy.

Head of Strategy Adrian Debattista made reference to all the work which will be taking place in the year 2023 with regard to the strategic sectors for the implementation of the 2025 Strategy, as well as emphasising the collaborative elements that will stem from this. He also made reference to cultural rights, to the the Compendium Association Assembly, to the campaign for the spread and promotion of art research education, and towards more public investment for the Charter on the Status of the Artist as part of the European Commission’s work

Arts Council Malta’s funds for 2023 are an essential part of the Maltese government’s investment in the cultural and creative sector, as thanks to this same investment, the sector will continue to strengthen its professionalisation platform as well as its creative economy. “This year there will be 17 funding schemes, 9 of which are new schemes for the year 2023, including the Regional Cultural Cooperation Programme, the Sabbatical for Artistic Research Grant, and the Micro Grant,” explained Head of Funding Rita Falzon. She also made reference to the free-of-charge brokerage service which Arts Council Malta is offering through which potential applicants can discover and enquire further about the available funds. The 2023 calendar of funds can be found on and the respective guidelines will be published online at least six weeks before the deadline of each call.

Arts Council Malta will be organising the sixth edition of the Arts Award which will have changes made to its awards structure so that the award better reflects the sector. The sixth edition of the Arts Award will be held in December 2023, and the new guidelines will be published in June 2023.

“Arts Council Malta will continue to hold other information sessions, ACMLabs, and will also organise ACMWebinars—a product of the pandemic which has been retained—as these offer versatile and natural platforms for local and international speakers,” stated Head of Communications Maria Angela Vassallo. She also made reference to the campaigns related to strategic areas and reminded the public about Arts Council Malta’s newsletter.

In order to keep oneself updated on Arts Council Malta’s 2023 calendar, one should subscribe to our newsletter on where one can also choose to be notified of calls for funds, as well as follow Arts Council Malta’s social pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. For more information, one may call on +356 23347201/02.