Published on Friday 18 November 2016

Arts Council Malta welcomes the increased investment in the cultural and creative sectors announced in the 2017 National Budget

The analysis conducted by the Council reveals an overall increase of 14% for culture with a total budget of EUR60 million for cultural heritage, the arts, media and creative sectors.

The 2017 culture budget is estimated to be at 1.5 % of total government expenditure, registering the highest level registered to date and equivalent to more than double the culture budget voted 5 years ago.

Per capita public investment in 2017 will be EUR138 - an increase from EUR122 in 2016. The public funding portfolio awarded by Arts Council Malta to artists and organisations increased from EUR1.5 million to EUR2 million.

A new funding programme was also announced during the budget speech. The fund to be known as the National Fund for Artistic Excellence, with an allocation of EUR120,000 will support emerging artists and provide grants in cultural leadership training and professional development. The fund will also support young artists through apprenticeships and mentoring.

An overall increase of 21% is also registered in the allocation for public cultural organisations, with further investment expected to be directed towards cultural programming.

 Photo: Divina by Naupaca Dance Factory