Published on Friday 17 December 2021

Arts Council Malta’s draft Strategy 2025 has been published for an online public consultation and is inviting feedback and contributions from stakeholders and members of the public interested in the future of Malta’s cultural and creative ecology.

The draft Strategy 2025 proposes a vision and mission underpinned by a commitment towards Cultural Rights through three overarching themes being ‘Care Create Flourish’ reflected in its 10 Guiding Principles. This draft was developed following a preliminary public consultation process throughout 2021 which involved conversations with internal and external stakeholders complemented by 10 thematic discussions with more than 200 people from across backgrounds and roles within Malta’s cultural and creative sectors. It states that the Council’s vision is for “the arts to be at the heart of Malta’s future” embedded within its six strategic goals being:

  1. Invest in and foster diverse artistic and cultural expression;
  2. Support and promote the conditions in which Malta’s cultural and creative sectors can flourish;
  3. Advocate and provide for community-led opportunities to engage in arts and culture;
  4. Strengthen Malta’s international cultural relations to continue developing international artistic exchanges and collaborations;
  5. Nurture cross-sectoral collaborations that contribute to Malta’s sustainable development;
  6. Facilitate cultural partners including Public Cultural Organisations to build and strengthen organisational capacity.

In order to fulfil these goals by 2025, six Strategic Areas are outlined, each defined by overall objectives, priorities and actions. In all, 70 Actions are being proposed, developed in line with insights gained through the Council’s work over the past six years and the public consultation process throughout 2021. Across all Strategic Areas, transversal priorities include Sustainable Development, the Status of the Artist, the Diversity of Cultural Expression and cross-sectoral collaboration amongst others. The draft Strategy is designed to implement the recently launched National Cultural Policy 2021 which envisions culture as core to the wellbeing of everyone.

Minister for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government José Herrera stated that “this launch marks yet another milestone in Arts Council Malta’s recent successes as it signals the first tangible action towards implementing the 2021 National Cultural Policy launched last September. Following the ever-increasing government investment in the arts and culture notwithstanding the challenges we are facing due to the pandemic, Strategy 2025 is an indication that we can plan well ahead thanks to strong governmental support. From what is being proposed, we are confident that in the coming years Malta’s cultural and creative sectors will continue to be a beacon for innovation, critical thinking and integral to overall wellbeing.”


Funding and Strategy Director Mary Ann Cauchi explained that, “Following the intensive work we have carried out over the past year to ensure that Strategy 2025 is truly for and by the sectors we aim to support, we are eager to receive the feedback from the public to better assess how we address their ambitions and concerns while building on our previous successes and experience. This is an indication that the participatory approach we are aiming to strengthen in this Strategy, is being applied in practice. We believe that our commitment towards the principles of Cultural Rights is evident in the document presented through the Actions proposed which aim to capture the diverse and multi-faceted voices that make up the cultural and creative ecology in Malta.”

Adrian Debattista, Head of Strategy said that, “what we are proposing here has been meticulously designed with the multiple realities that form part of Malta’s cultural and creative sectors, at the core of it all. Our focus will go beyond cultural development and towards a wider understanding of the links between the creative and cultural ecology and the rest of society. We also aim to continue supporting and advocating for the conditions in which cultural and creative practitioners can flourish. That is why we are recharging our mission with care through practice and support everyone’s right to culture. The public’s feedback will be invaluable for us to ensure that the final Strategy 2025 will deliver the best possible outcomes.”

The public is invited to access Strategy 2025 - Draft for Public Consultation, and send feedback on by the 15th February 2022 (extended). All feedback is welcome and Arts Council Malta will be publishing the final version of Strategy 2025 in the first quarter of 2022 based on the responses received.