Published on Saturday 4 December 2021

Following the announcement of the 2022 budget in October, Arts Council Malta unveiled its funding schemes for 2022 based on 5 main pillars: Resilience, Artistic and Community, Development, Education, Cultural Heritage and Structural. The schemes are aimed at building on the momentum generated from last year’s RESTART schemes which were a catalyst in the regeneration of the creative and cultural sectors following the disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Present for the launch of the 2022 funding schemes was the Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, Jose Herrera, who explained how the increase in direct funding towards Arts Council Malta and the Public Cultural Organisations is part of this government’s commitment towards the sectors and the creative practitioners themselves.

“This year’s budgetary increase, which has led to a further increase in funding opportunities by Arts Council Malta, continues to build on the strategy towards more resilient and sustainable creative and cultural sectors”, said Herrera.

Addressing the press conference, Arts Council Malta Director of Funding and Strategy, Ms Mary Ann Cauchi, highlighted the importance that the Council is giving towards its collaborations and support synergies with individual, and groups of artists and creatives. “Our principal goal is to engage with the widest spectrum possible of the local creative and cultural community, and for this reason the funding schemes for 2022 are spread over 33 calls, two of which are already open, namely the Seat Utilisation and the Event Assurance Schemes”, said Cauchi.

During the press conference, Head of Funding, Rita Falzon, gave a brief about the 2021 funding schemes. Ms Falzon explained how the adjudication process involved 76 expert evaluators with 270 pitching sessions and 35 evaluation sessions to ensure a transparent, merit-based disbursement of funds.

“During 2021, Arts Council Malta received 466 eligible applications for funding, all of which were evaluated in accordance to established criteria and based on our core values”, said Ms Falzon.

The funding schemes by Arts Council Malta are part of a €110 million investment by the government in the creative and cultural sectors for 2022, representing a significant increase of 13.5% on the 2021 investment.

Those interested in the 2022 funding schemes are encouraged to contact Arts Council Malta on 23347230 or via email on