Published on Monday 2 July 2018

The Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Michael Farrugia together with Arts Council Malta executive chair Albert Marshall today announced the amended law and regulations relating to outdoor events in unlicensed venues

This amendment fulfils an electoral manifesto pledge that allows the creative music industry to operate without obstacles and Maltese talent to flourish. Maltese DJ Tenishia Joven Grech was also present for this announcement.

The amendments to the Maintenance of Good order at Places of Entertainments Regulations were introduced to include the possibility of hosting outdoor events in unlicensed venues. With these amendments, it is no longer necessary for organisers to pay a bank guarantee in outdoor venues covering 750 square metres or less. In cases where the venue covers more than 750 square metres, the bank guarantee has been reduced to €5,000.

Minister Michael Farrugia stated that today’s announcement marks an achievement in the implementation of one of the electoral manifesto pledges. The Minister continued that he worked together with the artists and the Malta Police Force to amend the existing regulations in the artists’ interest. He announced that equipment that measures noise will be purchased and a law in accordance will be drafted. This, will create a compromise between artists to express their talent, and between citizens, concluded Minister Farrugia.

Arts Council Malta executive chair Albert Marshall said: “This is only the first step in the Council’s long-term plan to create more artist-friendly procedures and continue championing the professionalisation of the cultural and creative sectors in line with the Council’s vision for 2020.” 

Tenishia DJ Joven Grech said that there are many Maltese talented artists that can move forward in the music industry. He thanked the Government for assisting the artists in this sector.