Published on Saturday 17 September 2022

Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici, has just launched the call for Investment in Cultural Organisations – Malta.

This call, which is administered by Arts Council Malta, is being launched for the second time and aims to create partnerships with local voluntary organisations who are active and focus on the cultural and creative sectors.
In this programme, €300,000 are being invested on a yearly basis, with a total of €900,000  on the span of 3 years. Through this three year investment, organisations can develop and grow, whilst delivering Arts Council Malta's Strategy2025 goals.
“As a government, it is our aim to contribute to the culture and the arts through such programmes and schemes, which will ensure the continuing growth and further stability of the sector,” stated Minister Bonnici during the launch. “The Investment in Cultural Organisations and its preceding programme saw that nearly EUR 3,000,000 have been invested in the beneficiary organisations, from its inception until today, and it’s thanks to such initiatives that we can continue to support, advocate and strengthen the sector,” he continued.
This programme was initially introduced as the Cultural Partnership Agreement scheme in 2016 and was then re-launched as the Investment for Cultural Organisations for the years 2020-2022, whereby a total of 13 voluntary organisations have directly benefitted from the scheme, some of which are Moveo, the Gabriel Caruana Foundation, Teatru Salesjan, and Kinemastik. Another additional 3 organisations were supported on the same level through a collaboration agreement between Arts Council Malta and the Valletta Cultural Agency, in order to maximise on the investment of the ICOs.
Director of Funding and Strategy Mary Ann Cauchi highlighted some of the main aspects of this programme, which directly addresses the Council’s strategic goal towards creative professionals and communities. “The programme accentuates the investment and fostering of diverse artistic and cultural expression, the strengthening of international cultural relations and nurtures cross-sectoral collaboration as a contribution towards our country’s sustainable development. Moreover, it helps in the building and strengthening of the beneficiaries’ organisational capacity, thus further falling in line with our Strategy2025 goals,” said Ms Cauchi.
The Investment Cultural Organisations Malta has two strands, one for ‘investing in organisational development’, and another for ‘investing in regular festivals, programmes and events.’ More information and guidelines for this programme can be found and downloaded from under the funds and opportunities section. Deadline for applications is Tuesday the 18th of October 2022 at noon. Only Voluntary Organisations with a Maltese address and enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations can apply. Late applications are not considered.

Press Release by the Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government.