What are the objectives of the Malta Digital Games Fund?

The objectives of this fund are threefold:

  • To encourage the creation of digital games by small companies, small teams and groups of individuals based in Malta;
  • To support Maltese and Malta-based creative talent that demonstrates long-term potential to set up sustainable enterprises; and
  • To strengthen digital games as a cultural product and Malta as a hub for digital design and innovation.

Who can apply?

Project funding is aimed towards:

  • Micro enterprises (Companies, Partnerships and/or Cooperatives) that are registered in Malta with the MFSA as a games/entertainment/media company. The term micro refers to undertakings employing less than 10 FTE at the time of application and with a turnover or balance sheet total amounting to less than €2 million;
  • Groups of individuals based in Malta with at least one member being a Maltese citizen or be in possession of a Malta residence permit, Maltese citizenship certificate or a Maltese passport. Should a Group of Individuals win the Game Competition, they will be required to set-up a legal undertaking (company, co-operative or partnership) prior to the award of funds for Phase 2 of the Project.


What is the maximum amount that this fund can cover?

This fund has two phases. For each phase the grant amount shall not exceed 75% of the total eligible costs incurred. The phases will be administered as follows:

  • Phase 1: Development of a Game Slice

The grant requested for Phase 1 shall not exceed €10,000 and should be used towards the development of a Game Slice and obtaining age classification rating.

  • Phase 2: Development of a complete Digital Game

The grant requested for Phase 2 shall not exceed €35,000 and should be used for the continuation of the development of the game with the aim of producing a complete digital game.


Is there a minimum amount of funding which can be considered?

The minimum grant for a project to be supported is €20,000.


On what basis will my application be assessed?

The Evaluation Board will base its decision to fund your proposal upon seven criteria:

  • Innovation & Creativity (20 marks);
  • Aesthetic Content & Storyline (15 marks);
  • Audience Engagement (10 points)
  • Feasibility in the set time-frame (15 marks);
  • Capability of the Team (15 marks);
  • Financial Plan (15 marks);
  • Market potential (10 marks).


What does the evaluation procedure involve?

Eligible applications will be assessed by an Evaluation Board made up of independent evaluators according to established criteria, where each criterion is allocated a number of specific marks. In order to be considered for funding, projects have to obtain an average of at least 50 marks. Nevertheless, the evaluation session and funding decisions depend on the quality of the submitted proposals and on the availability of the funds. Therefore obtaining 50 marks or more does not automatically mean that you will be awarded the funds. The Evaluation Board may decide not to allocate the total funds available for a particular call if the proposed projects do not reach the required level in terms of the fund criteria. A pitching session will also be organised for all candidates.


What is expected from the applicants during the pitching session?

The aim of the pitching session is to create an opportunity for applicants to further introduce their projects to the expert evaluators in person. The project applications will have already been reviewed by the evaluators before the pitching session. During the session, the project team should expand on the already submitted project description with comments, latest insights and additions. The pitch can be presented in a variety of formats but should not be longer than ten (10) minutes.

Applicants presenting any visuals or presentations requiring projection are to send in the relevant files by email at least 2 days before the pitching sessions. Files not received in time will not be allowed to be used. This ten-minute pitch may be followed by a Q&A session with the evaluation panel if deemed necessary.


Do I need official quotations annexed to my application form?

Yes, you are requested to attach quotations and any relevant supporting documentation to your application form. This includes quotations for all of the expenses, excluding not subcontracted person hours, quoted in your budget and confirmation letters of collaborators in your project.


What makes my project ineligible?

Projects will first be screened in terms of eligibility. Ineligible proposals shall not be processed further and shall not undergo evaluation. For a full list of ineligible conditions, please refer to page 5 of the guidelines and regulations.


By when do I need to implement the project if I get funded?

Phase 1 of the project has to be implemented between the 8th July – 29th December 2017. No extensions can be approved for this phase. The applicant chosen to proceed to Phase 2 should complete the digital game by 25th January 2019.  Extensions may be approved subject to cleat justification.


What is expected to be submitted?

Except where specified, all documentation should be submitted in either hard and digital or electronic scanned copy.

(a) Application form

  • Signed Copy of filled-in application (Section 1-3).
  • Copy of filled in Appendix 1 (Budget Template), Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • Copy of the Declaration Form (Section 4).

(b) Mandatory documentation

  • Detailed storyboarding for the development of the game leading to the demo
  • Links to and/or visual material of proposed project e.g. digital renditions, drawings etc.
  • Evidence of ownership of rights for proposed project or contract of acquisition / transfer of rights.
  • Entity profile and CVs of key persons to be involved in proposed project.

(c) Additional documentation (if available)     

  • Links to and/or visuals of previous work, where applicable.
  • Letter(s) of intent from financing partners.
  • Letter(s) of interest of co-development, co-production, pre-sale/distribution and/or other agreement(s).
  • Acceptance letter/receipt from a Crowdfunding platform
  • Proof of confirmed financing from other sources.


Are expansions of already existing games eligible for funding?

Project at an advanced stage does not include expansions of existing games so long as the expansion has a whole set of play narratives being developed from scratch, involves new graphics, new storylines, new play dynamics, new monetizing features and a new storyline, characters and game landscape - or a mix of these. 


Can age group rating be other than Pan European Game Information (PEGI)?

Other rating bodies can be used to have the game officially rated as long as they are internationally recognised.